Did anyone else see The Nine last week? What did you think?

  1. I enjoyed it! I'm going to watch again this week. But it kind of drives me crazy, the whole format of it. I really want to find out everything that happened in the bank! :hysteric:
  2. I watched it not expecting to like it...but, I got hooked!!!! :lol: I can't wait to find out what the situation was between the Bank Manager's Daughter and one of the robbers!!!
  3. I will definitely watch it again!
    I got annoyed because I want to know EVERYTHING that happened in the bank, so it means I'll have to keep watching it :nuts:

    But it's a very good pilot - kept me on the edge of my seat. Also, as a psychology student, the post-trauma emotions and situations really interested me.
  4. i liked it too! i'm dying to know what happened in that bank! great pilot!
  5. I like it too, I started watching it mainly beacause it came on after lost...but really like it. Good cast.