did anyone else see the new pins?

  1. i went to Saks last night and they had 2 sets of new pins. they were 2 to a card- came in red and blue (like a burgandy and navy) and yellow and green. they are flat and round and gorgeous! but 250 for a set (a big one and a smaller one). not sure if anyone had mentioned them yet. the SA said they just came out yesterday...
  2. Oh wow, would love to see pics if anyone has them!
  3. Yes..I have seen them at my LV store last week...they are cute! I think we can put on scarf..
  4. i don't see it on the lv or elux websites...
  5. they sound nice.
  6. Are these like the etoile de neige pins? I've been debating whether to get that all of winter, but I don't feel like it now that summer's getting close. I love these little things though.
  7. i really wanna see some pics :smile:
  8. ^^ Somebody please post pics! My store doesn't have any new pins...
  9. Ohh what do they look like? Shape? Size? :nuts:
  10. sounds interesting
  11. Oh Yeah - I saw them yesterday too - they are SS 07 - they complement the "Aloha" keepall - no pics, but not sure I'm like them!!
  12. Can't wait to see pics... I'm anxious to see what they look like... :search:
  13. Same here!!
    Love the smiley lol.
  14. I believe I saw them... but I wasn't paying too much attention. They were green and didn't look very attractive.

  15. Thats them!!! - I think they probably had fabric left over! It looks like they covered the leftovers with clear plastic and are hoping for the best - in terms of sales!!