Did anyone else notice this?

  1. I was just browsing around and noticed this!! Most of you have prob seen this but i thought it was funny. seems like they made their own form of miror!!

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  2. UMM...............IMHO, i like the LV silver miror better.....LOL
  3. Copy cats!
  4. Oh how funny!
  5. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  6. I am in love with the metallic Gucci!!! The look totally different IRL next to the Mirior. To me they look more classic and not so trendy!
  7. Love it when you can compare or mix other designers with existing LV collections!
  8. Im with you sunshine. The gucci in silver is less 'blingy'.
  9. they all copy from each other :yes:
  10. i noticed! :p
  11. Material does look nice, but the styles not so much for me :s
  12. I guess LV is the trendsetter!;)
  13. I wonder who really came up w/ it first?

    I saw those Guccis but in a different color - but still mirior-y last Summer at NM. . .
    Wonder who came up w/ it first and who debuted it first{?}
  14. Aww.. I'm still a fan, they're all pretty. Can't Gucci and Vuitton just all get along ? :graucho:
  15. I agree with deluxeduck. They all know the trends for the next season, and designers seem to move in tandem. It is rare to see half of designers go one direction and half go the opposite. So when metallic is in we will likely see one from many designers.