DId anyone else notice the Pin It option?

  1. What does everyone think about the new Pin It option by our pictures?
  2. I'm not finding it but I'm not on Pinterest.
  3. Where is the pin it option......
  4. Yea, that's cool !
  5. I see it sometimes and I don't use pinterest. Cool stuff though.
  6. Can someone please explain what this means? Thanks
  7. Pinterest is a site where you can make virtual bulletin boards of things you like, recipes,crafts etc. Many sites have a direct link where you can pin things to your boards. I just noticed that this site has a Pin It button on posts with pictures.
  8. It's to the right of a picture post-Pin It is printed in Red

    Strange but it's not on all the pictures posted!
  9. Only if they are uploaded to this forum there is a pin it... from what I have seen. If you're pic's are linked there is no pin.
  10. So if I upload a photo to this site, someone can pin it to their Pinterest board? Doesn't that make it easy for them to steal my pictures?
  11. yes it does
  12. I personally think it's really a nice feature. If someone didn't want their photos public then they shouldn't be posted at all on the internet. So for me, I LUV IT :smile: But I love Pinterest also and yes, I do pin others photos that I enjoy and I know many have pinned my photos that I don't mind having on the internet.
  13. That's not necessarily true. People should be able to post where they want without fear of it being reposted without their permission.
  14. The pin option appears if there are images posted using the or [attach] tags. I am working on a solution to make the pin button appear if a post has attachments that are not posted inline (using the mentioned tags).

    I disagree with the likelihood increasing of image being stolen if they are pinned. Everyone needs to be fully aware that any content posted anywhere to the [U]public[/U] realm are subject to potential theft or abuse. If you don't want an image to be potentially reproduced in any capacity, don't post it online. :idea:

    The idea is to leverage the Pinterest social platform as means to expand on social sharing... which is what I assume every poster here is looking for when posting images for the social community to see. :tup:
  15. :yes: any pic you ever post on a website is subject to lifting, this doesn't really change anything.