Did anyone else hear of this?

  1. Did anyone else hear of the couple that faked having six babies for money anf donations? :nuts:
  2. Yes, I read about it this morning, how terrible!!
  3. That is terrible.
  4. that is so disturbing!! the things people will do these days. .uggghhh.
  5. I heard about that too !!! Its a shame what length's people will go for money. :sad2:
  6. OMG! That is just awful!!!!!!!!!
  7. I heard it on the news. Sickens me. Hopefully they will see the inside of a jail cell.
  8. ^^^They should have just spent their time trying to find jobs.
  9. ekekek, thats really sad :sad2: yeah i totally agree - ppl go to amazing extremes just to get money....
  10. yeah...anything but put in an honest days work!
  11. I only saw a clip; was the women pregnant at all? How did she think she would get away with it?
  12. what a horrible thing to do.
  13. What next?:unsure:
  14. Whoa! Whats the whole story ladies? Thats very wrong.
  15. What's the story?