Did anyone else get these yet?

  1. I got them saturday

    Sorry for no inside pics, im lazy
  2. mine came today... i was hoping for much better with the ladies shoes. sigh. what do you think of the mens line?
  3. I got them over the weekend. I really liked the gray suede with black leather bowling bag... mental note to add to wish list:P
  4. How do you receive catalogs? I looked on the LV site to sign up, but couldn't find a place.
  5. I recall my SA saying that the store looks at how much a customer has spent within a time frame and those selected are the ones that receive catalogs :shrugs:
  6. The men's line is nice, I do like the new INHERITANCE LINE (all hand sewn shoes for men) $900+ for the shoes.

    I started recieving catalogs when I hit $5k But I also heard once you buy certain things like say RTW you will recieve RTW catalogs, and jewelry ect... so I own 2 pieces of LV RTW so I will get them this f/w
  7. This is my FAVORITE shoe for the men IN THE CATALOG...

  8. i've got my eye on the exact same shoe ;) it looks quite similar to my black wingtip army boots from 2 seasons ago.
  9. Yeah, I believe it's once you go over a certain amount , but after I got 2 RTW pieces then I started getting RTW catologues too.
  10. Which 2 RTW pieces do you have?
  11. yes I received both too
  12. agreed. they are lucious.
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