Did anyone else get the new Chelsea Hobo? Let's See Pics!!!

  1. I got the Black Pebbled Leather Chelsea Hobo last night...I think I really do love it! It's so lightweight and it holds a whole lot!!! Did anyone else buy this bag (in any color)? If so, let's see your pics and hear how you like it (pros/cons)....
    Here's Mine...:yahoo:
    IMG_2358.JPG IMG_2359.JPG IMG_2370.JPG IMG_2377.JPG IMG_2382.JPG
  2. I don't own one but I want to say it looks GREAT on you. It's the perfect size and shape for your slender frame! Enjoy your new bag.
  3. Thank you so much...you are sweet!:smile:
    I like how this bag is not overwhelming on me.:tup: And, it is very lightweight, even FULL of stuff.
  4. I really want one! I want a large signature khaki/tobacco and a leather one in toffee.
  5. that's a really beautiful bag on you...which size is it? i have the small signature version in black and i love it :smile:
  6. I bought the Mineral Hobo but then returned it. I love the color and how much it holds, just could not stand the way the bag closed with the flaps and turnlock on top of the bag.
  7. Hey fellow texan... I got one too and I love love love love love it I got black signature and i almost got the black leather. I got the large though. I always wanted a duffle and I alm glad I held out for this cause it is basically a duffle with more detail!!!! I want to get tons of charms for this baby cause I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee silver

    [​IMG] (excues the bra! haha)


    This is how much you can get in it probably plus more. and my makeup bag is huge!
  8. I got the large leather parchment hobo with my PCE. Love the contrast with the brown handle and trim. I have a black Chelsea sig hobo from last year when they had them. Great style. Sorry, no pictures.