Did anyone else get a special 20% off code from shopbop.com in their email?

  1. Because I did, and I was like eh? Huh? Really? I thought Shopbop was like the anti-code boutique, ya know what I mean. So im wondering, how does one go about getting the privilege of receiving a Shopbop code? Or does everyone get them who is on the mailing list?:shrugs:
  2. Wait, seriously? I just got an ad about fall trends. I didn't know they gave out codes now!
  3. they're apparently giving out random codes now...i will never get one, but great for those who do!!
  4. I got one. Can't wait to use it!
  5. I got one too a while ago. I was thinking about buying UGG boots but shoes.com had 25% off code, so I haven't used Shopbop's code yet. They have so many cute stuff and it's difficult to choose which ones to get. My code expires on Oct 31st, so I better make up my mind soon. :yahoo:
  6. Congrats to those that got the coupon code! Unfortunately I didn't get the email, but if there's anyone not planning to use theirs please let me know because there's something I've been dying to get. :tender:
  7. i wish!! i want new reva flats!
  8. I never get codes from anyone. I've bought a ton of things from revolve, and same thing. I guess they figure they've got me hooked, so who cares?:sad:
  9. ugh! seriously!? bc I have ordered soo much from shopbop and i am dying to buy some stuff from them :sad: poo!! congrats to those who got it

    Does anyone hav ea spare :wondering hehehee :p
  10. Lucky, lucky people! I hope I get lucky some day...:p.
  11. WAH?!? I usually just delete their emails before reading because they never have a code, i hope i didnt delete mine:cursing:
  12. You know whats sad. I deleted their email today too thinking it was just an ad. I guess in this case i hope i didnt get a code! Does anyone know if the codes are all the same?
  13. I got one too! I'm so excited! In the email it said "I hope you're loving your recent purchase" so I'm assuming it was given to people who bought something in the last couple weeks?
  14. well I'll just sit back and wait for mine, since I just received my order from them :sweatdrop:
  15. Wish I did!