Did anyone else buy the magenta Bayswater pumps?

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  1. If you did, I thought I'd share a fantastic discovery I made today!

    I popped into the Monsoon sale this afternoon and by chance I found a necklace and bracelet which match the shoes exactly - the colour is identical and even the gold trim on the necklace matches the gold fob on the shoes. They could have been made to go together, were it not for the Monsoon price being so comparatively low!

    Really delighted about this because it means I can tie the shoes into lots more outfits. Also, as an added bonus the necklace and bracelet are currently half-price so only cost £17 for both.

    I can't link to the necklace directly on the Monsoon site as it's down for maintenance (sale is making it too busy), however it's called the Naima range and there's a pic here http://www.everystyle.co.uk/womens/clothing/Naima-Necklace__76633.html
    - although the colour on that pic isn't as vibrant as it is in real life.

    Hope this helps someone else who loves the shoes but finds it hard to know what to wear them with!
  2. Thats a lovely necklace! It is a great match for the shoes!