Did anyone come across 07 Cafe Work available out there?

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  1. Not sure if anyone has seen one as i'm lookin for the 07 cafe work.......:yes:
  2. I am looking for the same. Would love to know if any are out there...
  3. yah, i hope someone has come across the bag....sigh
  4. I'll check around for you while I'm making my round of calls today.
  5. Cracker : TIA...appreciate it:heart::heart:
  6. Anyone can advise me? No news abt the cafe work? sigh!
  7. not yet. I'm going to call an SA at NM's for you. Will they ship it to you? Let me know if I should put one on hold for you if I find it.
  8. Thanks Cracker, if they do ship internationally (i mean to singapore), kindly see if they can put hold for me and i will keep in touch with them if there is:heart: