Did anyone by any chance see the scarf camera bag at the outlets?

  1. I dont know whether to post this question in the Outlet thread or not so if so feel free to move it for me. Appreciate it! I've been looking for a camera bag, posted a thread in the handbags and purses about options, and then was reminded about this one.. if anyone can enlighten me again would appreciate it and TIA:flowers:
  2. It was at Hagerstown, MD this weekend.
  3. Yup, I saw it at Hagerstown. Dunno if it's still there. BF was baffled at what it was and I told him it was a camera bag.
  4. ^^LOL.. maybe it just isn't meant to be then.. I'll call them. Did you catch the price while you were there? If not it's all good, and thanks for the heads up!
  5. Sorry, I didn't even look. It was there one second (cause BF got amused by it) and the next it was gone (me thinks someone snatched it up).
  6. NP, appreciate the info you could give me.