Did anyone buy this SOPHIA???

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  1. Wondering if anyone did...and if there are pics?


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  2. No, didn't buy it, but definitely tried it on, its gorgeous!
  3. I want to know what color the inside is...doesn't show any modeling pics online. Anyone know??
  4. I believe its a teal?
  5. I believe coj said she bought it in another thread.
  6. I believe that it is the same as the Mahogany Shoulder Bag...pic belongs to Princess69 (I hope you don't mind if we borrow it ;)):

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  7. oohhh...very pretty - thank you ( :
    it is so annoying how they don't have all of the details online!
    I am trying to place a last minute *PANIC* EPCE order and I need to know what my choices are :nuts:
  8. ^Yup that's it, it's a little more green IRL. Very pretty.
  9. thanks. I am debating ordering the LARGE Sophia in mahog site unseen...kind of risky...but only a few more hours of PCE. Of course I never went to the store, I was being good. HAH!
  10. I have the small black and the crimson, but the mahogany is gorgeous too! Go for it, you can always return it....
  11. Oh! How do you like the crimson...is it the same patent as the shoulder bag? Love that color ( :
  12. Yes it's patent. I like it but never considered it until today when I put my things in it and saw it in the mirror. It's my only non-black bag! It's a nice deep red, not bright at all which I like.
  13. What are you deciding between?
  14. ha ha....i have all black bags too! That color is just gorgeous. I should have gone to the store in person. Do you think if I went tomorrow they would let me use my PCE or are they being really strict this time?
  15. My SA's are really good about that stuff, but I think it depends on your store. Do the SA's know you there?