Did anyone buy the Bare Escentuals Friendship Cruise Kit?

  1. I ordered this tonight when it was on QVC...just wondering if anyone else got one? I also ordered the Puppy Love kit. The colors are great! And the cute "collar" bracelet is a bonus! (Pic is the Puppy Love kit.)
    BE Puppy Love A3361.jpg
  2. I got the cruise kit from the local ULTA store...I got the one with the 'gossamer' in it. I LOVE it, but I don't wear black mascara, so that went into the drawer.
  3. do any of u bare essentuals users have dry skin? i have combo skin and i tried using it but it enhanced my dry patches too much.... any suggestions?
  4. I apply lotion right out of the shower, before I even dry off..I let it set a minute, then I dry off. That way, I'm moisturized, but I'm not greasy. In Arizona in the summer...too much lotion and you'll be sweatin' buckets just walking to the curb to check your mail! I do not put lotion on my forehead or nose though, cuz if I do, I will have to take a toilet seat cover later ($20 for face blotters?!? Are you insane???) and rip it up to blot the oil in those areas. I HATE the shiny look.