did anyone buy from this ebay seller?

  1. Well I have never dealt with this seller before, but everything looks authentic and they have amazing feedback. I wouldn't worry at all! :yes:
  2. They are a My Poupette re-seller, and that is supposed to mean only authentic LV. I haven't bought from them, but there are no red flags in the auction to make you worry.
  3. One of the bags they are selling has platic wrap on the handles - I'd been told that's a sign of a fake bag - is that true???
  4. No, that's not true. LV removes in the store, but if you order from eluxury they arrive with the plastic still on the handles I've heard.
  5. No, not always.. With this bag, she states the handles were just replaced by LV. I'm sure it came back to her that way & she just left the plastic on to protect them. Many LV's come to the boutiques wrapped but the SA's always remove the plastic before the bags hit the sales floor. That's why you never see them that way.

    This bag is authentic:yes:

    ^^lol icechick, we were typing at the same time..
  6. Thank you so much, I think I will bid on this item without any doubt,:yahoo: