Did anyone buy anything from the pre-sale?

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  1. I just heard that in one of the NM they had the python stam, and especially the one that I was looking for, for about $1000 as part of the pre-sale! :wtf: I was going to call in immediately and make my purchase and then I just remembered that python merchandise can't be shipped to California! :wtf: Can you say ARRRGH? :cursing: Why, oh why?

    So the above is my story. How I want to have a python stam with me right now :crybaby:I guess I can only buy one when I happen to go out-of-state...

    And I heard that Nordies have a pre-sale too? Does that include the stams? :rolleyes:
  2. I think if you look under deals + steals i saw a post for a sale at the pursestore.com, i remember seeing some python stam or baby stam that were on sale and i think there was also a code for an extra 15%of....
  3. Arrrgh! As if to heighten my misery! :wtf: I can only comfort myself in saying that I'm looking for the larger size and not the baby one :Push:...if they have the larger size too my misery will be tenfold!
  4. Sigh...I guess I can only try to get the stam I want in full price :sad: hopefully I can still get one in a while :rolleyes:

    However I heard the rumor that Nordies is going to stop selling MJ?! Is it true?! There are no NM, Bloomies, Saks, etc. around where I'm planning to go :sad:
  5. :shocked: What?!? Where did you hear that? If that's true, Neiman Marcus (and their rude SAs) would be my only option for MJs. :yucky:
  6. Lovingmybags: bags_lover in the 'MJ sales sightings" has a python stam on hold for sale price in Chicago Saks. I'd pm her & see if you can't get the deal.
  7. Thank you for replying! I was thinking of calling NM and Saks and get the bag but then remembered that I live in California and no python products can be sold or shipped there :sad:. Guess that's just my luck. Sigh...
  8. I remember reading about it in one of the responses in the sale section thread if I'm not mistaken :sad: really hoping that's not true. My Nordies SA is very nice also. Can't imagine working with NM SA's...:Push: