Did anyone buy a HH from AmEx My WishList?

Apr 28, 2007
American Express offered three Hayden Harnett bags on My Wish List today. I tried for the Twyla Satchel in Cream first. I didn't get it. Next they offered the Malinka Barrel Bag in Olive. I kept trying to put it in my cart and I was just going to try one more time. I got one! It cost $75. I was most excited about the Beatrice Satchel in Red Floral. I was late getting home and I thought I missed, but I kept clicking Try Again. I got it! Then I got to the final page where you purchase and it said "Sorry, someone at this address has bought a special price item already today. Limit of one special item per day". I am crushed! I love the Beatrice Satchel. Does anyone have or has anyone seen the Malinka Barrel Bag in person. I don't know if I will like it.

You can still buy several HH wallets through My Wishlist for 50% off. I bought a Mercer Indexer in Luggage for $55 . I guess those don't count toward your one a day special deal items. They have a super cute coin purse and a wristlet I love.