Did anyone buy a black caviar m/l flap this year?

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  1. I'm quite new to the forum. After reading the thread about the poor quality of caviar flaps for this year, I'm disappointed and wondering if I should just forget about buying a brand new one from the boutique. Should I wait or get one pre-owned with mint conditions? I'd like to get your input. Can those of you who get one this year let me know if you are satisfied with your caviar m/l flap? I want to get one with silver hardware. Thanks so much for the help.
  2. Hi, sorry if my answer is not really what you after since I bought mine in Oct/Nov last year.
    I must say that I am not 100% happy with mine, but I have decided to get over with the flaw and just be happy and enjoy the bag.
    So, I guess, you need to see it yourself, and ask yourself if you are happy with the bag or not. People can give you their opinions, but at the end of the day it's your money and also what they think is a flaw, it could mean nothing to you :smile:
    I also recommend to study from the picture and read as much info - good thing and bad thing about black caviar from this forum and go from there :smile:
    I hope I am making sense ... good luck....
  3. I just bought my cavier m/l flap last month and I have to say I'm really happy with it. I was planning to buy cavier jumbo but the leather is not shiny as m/l. I can see the difference clearly so I took m/l instead. You can see the photo from my thread http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/my-small-chanel-family-774810.html
  4. Hi I have my black flap from 2007 but I suggest you go to different stores and check them out. You might get lucky and find one shiny/puffy bag. If not, definitely get preowned (after having it authenticated it here or at etinceler) :smile:
  5. I wouldn't go for pre-owned you will not be 100% happy and the prices are crazy so you may as well go brand new.... just make sure to inspect it and that you are happy with the leather... it should be puffy with a sheen to it
  6. I just bought one last month and I am happy with my purchase.
  7. I really think you will never know until you check it out for yourself. I find that while there are some inconsistencies, there are sometimes "flaws" that I personally just see as natural leather variation, variation due to the handmade aspect, etc. For me one tiny dot on the leather if only seen when viewed up close is not a flaw. I do believe some ladies are extremely picky, which they should be as it's a lot of money to spend but there should also be a balance...if you buy preowned, make sure you can see it in person first or that there is a good exchange policy because otherwise you may get stuck with something you're not 100% satisfied with.
  8. I bought a shw jumbo in July and I'm really happy with its puffiness and shininess. Then again it's my first flap and I've never seen one before so I can't pass judgement. There's so many good fakes on eBay. There's a whole thread about a girl who got scammed by the same buyer I *almost* bought from. I'm happy I paid the extra to buy at the store. I haven't seen ever any caviar in consignment stores near me. Don't know why. Maybe nobody wants to part with theirs. There's a lot of vintage lambskin though. Anyways you need to go to the store and see and judge for yourself. Mine is shiny and puffy and I'm happy and that's all you need. I saw some wallets that looked cruddy and I passed on those.
  9. I really think that thread made everyone super paranoid. Although I can't fault being picky at these prices. Yes there have been some batches that have been more matte and dull, but there are a lot that are just fine. All the bags are not the same, and IMO you will know when you see it if you think it's too dull or anything else.
  10. Here is a iPhone pic for the the bag and you can judge for yourself. The pic is not a very good quality but it should give you an idea. Good luck!

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  11. Maria Adam, thanks for the input. What do you not like about your caviar flap?
  12. How about Lamskin? It's soooo soft and gorgeous.
  13. Thanks. I like your m/l black caviar with GHW. I saw some m/l bags with both GHW and SHW in the store. For some reason, the caviar leather with GHW looks better. Not sure if the gold tone enhances it or it was made different from the one with SHW. But I really want one with SHW. I saw two SHW and one GHW. The ones with SHW look different from the GHW. Do you feel the same way?
  14. Lawseenai, it's beautiful. Thanks for the photo.
  15. All of the high maintenance talks stop me from even considering lambskin :sad: