Did anybody see the special on bags and shoes tonight on TLC cable channel?

  1. ...with Stacey London of "What not to Wear." It was interesting, but she really gave short shriff to Hermes. About five seconds on it, a two second shot of a red croc kelly bag, and a brown birkin on the street, and that was it.
    Best line in show: she says, the test of a great bag is, if you can put on a simple t shirt and jeans, and no accessories except the bag, and if it looks great, then its a great bag. I would say virtually any Hermes bag passes the "Stacy" test with flying colors.
  2. IS that the one with Leigh the preschool teacher?
    I am reading the guide, and thats the synopsis they give.
  3. It was the show that was on right after Leigh the preschool teacher.
    I should go check out the guide.
  4. I saw it. I enjoyed the interviews with the various designers and the factory demonstration of how they make Ferragamo shoes by hand. It is being discussed under the Television thread
  5. JM thank you for sharing!
    I love the stacy test. that sounds fantastic! and that sounds Hermes!
  6. I agree!!! The "Stacy" test is so... Hermes.