did anybody *NOT* regret getting facial contouring / cheekbone reduction?


Jan 9, 2021
Hi! Facial surgery is not for the faint of heart. Healing was annoying but not painful. I do not regret my cheekbone reduction at all. I look 10 years younger and the doc gave me more symmetry. I got it done with dr Kirk at namu but looks like an incident happened at their clinic recently.
What was the incident?


Dec 18, 2020
I hope more people could chime in here to share their FC experiences and having no regrets at all :smile:
And if sagging becomes an issue, would love to hear what the best lifting methods are that are effective and long-lasting.
Thanks guys!


Apr 10, 2021
is anyone else having a hard time scheduling surgery with EU surgery? I consulted but have been unable to reach anyone to set up a date for surgery.


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May 7, 2022
Frankly I would be careful about cheekbone reduction. I wanted to get this done as well because of my classic wide asian face, but when I consulted at multiple clinics for vline + zygoma reduction, I was warned by almost every one that it would likely result in nasolabial fold sagging. EU Dental specifically warned me against getting the procedure and told me that the resulting sagging in the nasolabial region would not be able to be fixed even with a face lift. If this is an area of concern for you, I would avoid getting zygoma reduction.
Is anything going to be able to fix it? Da plastic surgery clinic says that they double the clinches and fixation
of the cheekbone, will that prevent sagging? Also another question, if I just get the sides of my cheekbones shaved, will the same side effects occur! Thank you!


Sep 17, 2020
if you are not in a hurry which i personally would advise you not to rush into it, and if circumstances allow, try consulting your country's oral maxillofacial surgeon. go through some online medical journal or research if you can. that would be the best way to understand what all these procedures mean and how it would impact you. one would really need to have a very compelling reason to do it, and doing the surgery should give you an enhancement or better your life, and if it does, then it would be worth doing. if the pro is not a major trade off for you, or the con outweighs the pro by a far distance, you might want to reconsider and seek other alternatives for your initial reason for considering cheekbone reduction.

usually a lot of cases for zygoma are really really wide bone structured patients who did it, and apart from the width or dimension of their bone structure, thickness of the bone would likely be taken into consideration. the amount removed basically would mean that the area would be empty right? as much as your skin is attached to the facial muscle or should follow your bone positioning, it would not be able to fill up or stick to the new position completely. this would mean if you happen to remove a lot, then you would definitely need to find ways to eventually lift the skin to the new position. of course, this is my layman understanding and rough explanation of how this should works. and also, if is not highlighted enough, when it comes to any facial contouring, your age when you get the surgery done matters a lot. your lifestyle and how active you are would likely come into play to how your skin laxity would be too.

my genuine advice for anyone who happen to be reading this, you need to have some understanding on these surgeries. so that when you discuss or ask your surgeon questions, you are able to understand their surgical plan better. i think it also serve as a gauge if you and the clinic are on the same page, from both expectation in terms of results, and also their surgical methods (if you done your research enough to know) if it made sense to you. trust me, this should help you filter out certain surgeons or clinic too.
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May 13, 2022
at this point im thinking of getting v-line and cheekbone reduction in another country. Literally all I see is negative stuff lmfao, might even get it in america at this point
me as well. i reallllyyy didnt want to go out of country alone for many obvious reasons, but it seems to be my only choice. theres like.....nowhere in america that does zygoma/v line, let alone good ones. the few ive seen have had such ****ty results you can hardly tell a difference before and after.