Did anybody here Clothdiaper? ...& why do I let people get to me?

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  1. **I'm going to appologize if this is long**

    Hey everybody,

    Today just isn't...a good day for me. I've bene crying on and off all day. Ugh. I was talking to my Oma and her sister today about what we were planning on doing once the baby was born - and I mentioned that I planned on breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and making my own baby food once it gets that far.

    One of the comments that my Grandmother's sister said really got to me. She wasn't being very friendly toward me that day anyway (I'll get to that later) but she all of a sudden started going off that we're in the 21st Century and that it's rediculous that I want to cloth diaper when modern science has gotten us so far. I argued my point that I would like to do my part in contributing to enviromental conservation and not filling up our land fills with plastic diapers. I don't think there's anything wrong with disposable diapering, it's just not for me :shrugs: After she started going off on her speech, I just started crying. I don't know why I let her get to me so much. Not sure if you all remember - but I posted about her once (or twice...or three times). She was the one who I was talking about in the "10 Things I Hate About You". Hmph.

    Anyway? Did any of you cloth diaper? What are your thoughts on it (everybody, even those who did not CD)

    So...onto why I was upset all day. I wanted to go to the carwash yesterday, but since there was a long line and they were 20 minutes from closing time - I decided to push it back until Monday but I did want to Vacuum my car. Well, it rained yesterday all day, and I wasn't going to stand out in the cold & rain just to vacuum, so I wanted to do it today.

    I asked Oma if she had an extention cord so I could use the vacuum cleaner and not have to move my car. She said sure and went to look for it. Her sister said "You're not allowed to vacuum your car today, it's Sunday." and I just basically said "I don't care that today is Sunday, I need to vacuum my car since I won't have time all week since it gets dark so early now." She then started going off about how it's not allowed, and I asked her why. She just responded with her "It's Sunday!!!!" answer. Well...Just because it's Sunday...that doesn't tell me anything! Who says I can't vacuum my car on Sunday? Sure, I understand that SUnday is the day of rest here - but I just wanted to vacuum the leaves off of my floor mats, that's all. I started to say something, and she continued to interrupt me - which I absolutely CANNOT STAND! :cursing: So I politely told her "Could you please stop interrupting me, so I could finish what I was trying to say?" and then she said something along the lines of "Listen, young girl!! You are not allowed to talk to me that way!" At that point, I totaly lost it. I told her that I just wanted to finish my sentence and have her tell me WHY I'm not allowed to vacuum my car. And then she just totaly went off in lots of German words I didn't understand. I told her that I didn't understand the words that she said, and she gave me pretty much a "Well you better learn, or it'll be tough **** around here".

    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    WTF?! I just ran down to my room and cried. Ugh, stupid horomones. I tried calling Bart - but his voicemail was on. He must have been in a meeting :\\

    Why do I let people who don't matter bother me?
  2. Poor dear!

    Why does SHE care if YOU cloth diaper your baby? It's not like she's the one that's going to change the baby! Tell her if she doesn't like it, she doesn't have to deal with the baby if she doesn't want to! (And just think, if she REALLY pisses you off, you don't have to let her see the baby - why subject your child to that?)

    Is vacuuming on Sunday against her religion, or something?
  3. You poor thing. I hope you day improves. You're going to be the mom, so do things the way you'd like. I didn't use cloth diapers, but I did breastfeed and make babyfood. I'm so sorry you're having a tough time, it'll get better.
  4. I personally did not cloth diaper, but knew a family who did with all of their children. It was much easier for them because they live in a city where there is a service who picks up and launders the diapers. I did not have that service where I live, so I opted for regular diapering.

    It really isn't anyone else's business which method you choose. If you feel this is the right option for you, then go for it and ignore the naysayers.

    I hope your day gets better!!!:flowers:
  5. Oh no, I'm sorry......my Mom did clothdiaper for me, but bc her mum forced her into it, whatever it's YOUR choice.
    Do not let that person get into you, bc it's clothdiaper now and it will be food later, and then the way you educate your child, etc....etc....You are the mother, you decide what's best. Getting advice is good, people making judgment is bad, and after all she's only the sister of your grandmother.
    Hoovering on sunday is forbiden in Germany ? is it the same law than France where cutting the grass or using any noisy machine outside is forbidden on sunday ?....not her business either....
  6. Apparently it is illegal to do any type of work on Sunday. I still haven't received a real concrete answer, but from what I understand, if the police catch you do something so small as washing your windows, you could be fined.

    I wasn't sure if it was just a "Social Rule" or a LAW. If it were just a Social Rule, me takind 2 minutes to vacuum my car wouldn't bug anybody. And if it did, oh well. It's not like I'm doing woodwork!

    Sadly, there is no service around here that launders but I have been reading up on techniques on how to launder them and it sounds pretty easy!


    I mean, I'm only 9 weeks. I've still got lots of time to do some planning - but I've had these things in mind for a long time. It it's going to continue to be like this - I just can't be around her. I won't subject myself to people who feel the need to criticism on my (and Barts!) way of raising our baby. Just like Caitlin said, if you don't like it - don't be around the baby!
  7. I'm so sorry the begining of your pregnancy has been so emotional :sad: - can I ask why you're in Germany?
  8. What? Where exactly do you live?!?

    As for the whole cloth v disposable...I think my mom used a combination of both. My aunt tried using cloth only for awhile with their first kid but quickly moved back to disposable. As I understand it, science and technology have come a long way and the disposable kind are biodegradable (however you spell it) ... or at least there are brands out there that that are.

    But regardless...it's your choice not hers.
  9. I felt like you, but after rinsing one sh*tty diaper, I decided that it wasn't for me. I did breastfeed, both children for two LONG years each. I wouldn't recommend that either. When they can ask for it, he called them (boobs), "Mommy's nurses".

    Everyone learns what works for them though and you do what your heart leads you to do. Don't let anyone's opinions get to you. You will discover that opinions are like buttholes.....everyone has one!

    Have fun with your baby and cherish all the memories that you make together! They grow up so fast!
  10. I used cloth diapers on both my children. But they are probably different from what most people think. The diapers I used were a all in one diaper that had a protective waterproof cover and velcro tabs and looked just like regular disposable diapers. I used these liners inside them and you just flushed the liners in the toilet and washed the diapers on hot, no mess-no big deal. It was not at like like the diapers you have with a diaper service. I was againist chemicals against my baby.
    In the USA there is a company called Ecobaby.com-that sold cloth diapers and there is a new cloth diaper out that also has inner liners that you flush down the toilet from a company called Giam.com. I think if you go to their websites you can kind of see what is out there.
    The only funny thing about cloth diapers is that people are totally flipped out about it and some of them really do NOT know how to put on a cloth diaper-I mean they look just the same as a disposable one (at least the ones I used). Once my husband brought our son home from swim class and had his diaper on backwards, but then again that was probably the 2nd of 3 times that he changed our son's diaper in his life......my husband refused to change diapers..........I also made organic baby food. Trust yourself and stand up for yourself. You are doing what you feel is right for you and your baby. I don't understand how people can think you only wanting the best and are willing to do it for your baby is wrong. It is no big deal to cook and puree organic vegetables and fruits. I also bought organic baby food. I did the organic clothing as well for my baby. Some people think I went a bit overboard but my children had very sensitive skin and were prone to allergies so I tried to buy clothing and bed linens that were organic and nice and soft against their body. I hated polyester and anything that would itch them.
    I am sure if your type in organic baby---you will come out with some neat sites.
    Good luck.
  11. I also used cloth diapers and caught a ton of flack for it. Honestly, it was not a big deal. I had the same kind as Gillianna. I ended up purchasing many adorable cloth diapers from SAHM who had their own businesses. It was great to support them, as well as helping the environement. Does that mean that I frown upon Pampers? Hell no! Everyone has to do what works for them.
  12. Just wanted to add the cloth diapers I used were called:
    Bumkins and another new one out now is called gdiapers
    Gdiapers had a website and I am sure bumkins should have one too.
  13. My parents had been having problems for the past year, and finally separated in April. I took the oportunity to move to a new country and start a new life. I wasn't in school anymore, and didn't work - and my boyfriend (Bart) lived in Germany :smile: Overall, I love it here - some things are just VERY hard to get used to...Like not shopping on Sundays.

    An itty bitty litte town called Prichsenstadt in UnterFranken (Northern Bavaria) in Germany :smile: From what I understand, you really can be fined for doing work on Sundays. I've never been fined, so I don't know. :shrugs:

    haha :smile: I've dealt a little bith with cloth diapers (AIO's and Prefolds) and didn't find them to be so bad. Just a quick flick in the toilet, and a throw in the small laundry tub and that was that (until washing time came). I'd like to try it as best as I can. If I do end up absolutely hating it - then I'd switch to a biodegradable diaper. They're a little bit more expensive here, but...yah. Oohhh, and Breastfeeding for 2 years? Don't plan to take it that far :smile: At least for the first 4-6 months, God willing!

    I heard about these when I lived in the States - but have yet to see any here in Germany. Those would be a fantastic alternative :smile: Gotta keep hunting around for them! My mom already abought me a lovely recipe book for babyfood. Lots of neat recipes in there, and they actually sound pretty yummy! haha :biggrin:
  14. Yes yes, Gdiapers are the ones that I heard about!!
  15. so sorry you had a rough weekend! :sad: it must be especially hard to be in a new place now too. *hugs*!