Did anybody go to the Peter Som sample sale?

  1. I was not able to make it and it ended 2pm today.

    I am curious what it was like and thank you in advance for sharing.
  2. I went at 11:30 on friday and the items appeared pretty picked over. Skirts were $150, there were only a couple of sampl dresses that were slightly damaged for $40. Linen trousers were $100 and a couple of tops were $125. I didn't get anything.

    Also, there wasn't any space for trying on clothes. The sale was held in a large room with a big mirror, but they didn't even make a pretense of giving shoppers any privacy. And there were men walking around. I'm not a prude -- i can try on clothes in public without showing my underclothes -- but if you're having a sample sale, at least put up a curtain.