Did anybody get the new madison spectator hippie yet?

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  1. I'd be too curious to see her IRL, what do you guys think about her? Does she compare to the large or small brooke?

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  2. She is pretty big..I don't have her but seen her IRL. She might hold as much as a reg brook
  3. She is large.. like the old parker hippie
  4. I saw her at the store. I'm 4'11" so it was WAY too big for me. I wish they would make a smaller version for the vertically challenged!

    The colors are gorgeous though, the lilac is a bit much IMO, but the Acorn was gorgeous!!
  5. I bought this bag in Walnut. Its about the size of a parker a tad smaller. But it forms to your body. Very soft etc.. Only thing I hate is it does not stand on its own LOL Yea I know its a hippie.
  6. I just ordered the Madison Hippie in Rose...has not arrived yet, should be here early next week.
  7. I saw the bag and it is beautiful. It reminds me of the Julianne. For me, I didn't like the fact that all my stuff was going to sit on the bottom, therefore, it would be hard to find anything and it would make the bag bulge on the bottom. Does that make sense? Also, I found the shorter strap a little to short to wear on the shoulder with a winter coat on.
  8. I tried her on at the FP Store and she is really nice but I already have the Parker Hippie and think it would be to the same..
  9. I havent yet but I sure have been drooling over it!
  10. i have the madison hippie in bone... Love it and I think the size is perfect..
  11. For those of you that own this bag, what do you think of the crossbody strap? The lilac is the perfect color for me, but I'm weary of the unadjustable crossbody strap. Plus like Toonces, I'm only 4'11". If the old Parker Hippies were too big for me, this one is probably too big too. They need to make a smaller size.
  12. I had the Parker Hippie and saw this new lilac hippie in Palm Beach-the color is gorgeous! It is large, and it would be great to see a smaller version. I like the crossbody style, but my prefer Hailey due to the full zip top closure.
  13. I love this bag, but for me it is too similar to the Parker hippie to justify purchasing it at this time. If it ever makes it to the outlet though, I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat.
  14. What colors are available for this?
  15. I saw it IRL last week , but passed it up because I am trying really hard to stick to my ban.

    It is gorgeous! The leather is really soft and the bag is light. It is larger than the large brooke length wise, but it isn't as wide so it would probably carry a little less.

    The acorn doesn't look like the picture on the website, the pictures for the acorn carryall are much truer to the color.

    I caved and ordered it today! I should have it by tuesday!