Did Anybody Get The Neo Cabby GM?????

  1. I'm dying to see pics of the GM so please post if you got it. Thanks!!
  2. I didn't get either size, but I tried it on in the boutique and it really is lovely, pictures didn't do this one justice at all!
  3. I saw some pics at another thread but those were the MM size I think.

    I found MM and GM pics.
    0715mm.JPG 0715gm.JPG
  4. Thanks noe! I hope someone buys the GM size and models it.
  5. I saw it IRL and didn't care for it. It seemed out of proportion or something. Maybe it was how it was stuffed. I don't know. It was pretty big and tall. Got the MM and love it!
  6. I got the MM too, the GM just seemed blah, if that makes sense??? I love this black denim!
  7. I haven't seen this IRL, but it looks so cute in the photos. Anyone know if this will come in Mono? :graucho:
    That would be sweet, wouldn't it?
  8. I bought the mm...the GM seemed kind of big.
  9. thanks for the pics, Noe, theyre the best photos of these bags Ive seen yet!!
  10. I think Jill's got two of those. Let me see if I can find a thread. BRB.
  11. The Gm is to big.
  12. Jill is rocking the MM Neo's in both colors!
  13. I don't have this bag, but plan on getting in Sept if they are still around.
  14. I asked Jill why she got 2 MM's instead of having at least one GM. I hope someone buys the GM and posts tons of pics...I'm all about big bags!!
  15. I just ordered the neo cabby gm. It will be in my arms friday July 20th. Can not wait. I will post it but Im trying to figure out how do you post your pictures. Can some one tell me please. The cost of the bag was $1800 plus tax. I just put my name on the list for the mirage speedy 30 .I can not get that until September 15th.