Did anybody get anything from Woodburry outlet

  1. when it was having the 30-50% sale?

    I am new here, and I love this forum.
  2. Welcome! I'm envious of the people who live within driving distance to Woodbury Outlets--getting BV at a discount would be fantastic. It's not even sold anywhere near where I live.
  3. Thanks, Boxkermom!

    I called the Woodburry BV outlet on July 4th, and the sales lady was saying they will getting new stuff in two weeks since their stock is low now.

    I went to the BV store in Manhattan, and saw a Mauve flap satchel there on sale, but I did not ask the price. My guess is 30% off. A good deal?
  4. Welcome NYCBV! I know many of us wished we lived closer to the outlets so we could take advantage of the discounts.
  5. I phone ordered a noce floral bracelet last week and I am still waiting to receive it. It was 30% off.
  6. oh, lucky you. I was going to order a pair of shoes that I tried on before, but they did not have my size when I phone them last week. It would have been a great deal, $200 for a pair of BV pumps.
  7. I pine away to go up to the Woodbury outlets!!!

    Must save cash and then make trip!!! But so many things to buy along the way keep me side tracked lol.
  8. I was there on July 4th and picked up a key holder and some other accessories for gift giving. The bag selection wasn't great though. The sales associate said that it was the first "sale" that they've had. I hope that their bag selection gets better.
  9. Did they sale when they will have another sale? I cannot wait.
  10. Unfortunately the SA said that he didn't know when the next sale will be. Another SA said that they were going to gauge the success of the July 4th sale before they decide on another. He said that they are getting a new shipment of bags the end of July.