did anybody experience this too?

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  1. A few months' ago I was happily yahoo-ing & googling the Internet, trying to find a bit more about Balenciaga's City bag, & lo and behold, what happens?

    I stumbled into.....

    The Purse Forum.

    After I registered with tpf & started prowling/reading up on the threads, practically overnight, I became obsessed! It was Balenciaga this, City that, Part-Time this, Regular Hardware/Giant Hardware that! I obsessed day and night, thinking I would just die if I didn't get the bag (note: I still haven't gotten the bag).

    Within the timespan of a few months, I almost think I've become a major handbag, shoes & accessories brand whore! Now the bags I look at are Miu Miu, Prada, still Balenciaga, but through this forum, handbags that I didn't used to like are now growing on me! This is terrible!!! My wallet & bank account are not being accustomed to feeling this way, & neither am I!

    At the beginning of this year, the most expensive handbag I had was Coach's Signature Hobo.. within 11 months it's Miu Miu's Plisse Satchel (thankfully a sale purchase)! OMG! Let me do a stock take.. within this entire year I bought:

    2 Coach handbags
    2 Prada handbags (1 from the factory outlet in Florence, another during the summer sale in Milan)
    1 Balenciaga Coin Purse
    1 Miu Miu Clutch
    1 Miu Miu handbag
    1 BV cell phone strap.

    (that's not including the shoes.. don't get me started)

    OMG :wtf: You girls are such enablers! :yes::roflmfao: To think that before this I used to walk around with my wallet, keys and cellphone in hand just 12 months' back! The worst part of it all is that I still want to buy more... and more... and more!!!! :graucho::sweatdrop:


    I better start holding back now or I'll never have enough money to get married, buy a house/car or have kids!

    Did any of you experience this when you discovered tpf?!?
  2. Absolutely!! :smile:

    When I got here I had a Coach ladybug hobo (that I got as a gift). Since then I've bought lots of Coach legacy leather bags, Francisco Biasia bags, Hayden Harnett bags x 4, Chanel, Gucci, Dior and Miu Mui sunglasses.. etc.

    This place makes you feel like it's OK to spend $400 on a pair of sunglasses..lol but I LOVE it :smile:
  3. I think we all go through these cycles....it's especially bad when you first join...and after awhile things get back under control!!!!
  4. twiggers.. I sure hope you're right! even my SO is telling me "ENOUGHHHHH!!! no more shoes or bags for you!"

    And then my mom goes... "what do you want for Christmas? A bag?" *thunk*
  5. I hope you are right... I can't wait to be under control! LOL
  6. I went through this...

    When I joined I had one Coach bag, a black leather Carly. Since then...
    Coach Bleecker duffle (magenta, yum!)
    2 Coach ponytail scarves, Gemini charm, and bangle bracelet
    Coach snow boots
    I have an Hermes item on the way!

    So yeah, I hope it all calms down soon, my bank account can't handle it all.
  7. WHEN?! When does it get back under control?

  8. lol, I got a bit like that when I first joined TFS (which is how I found this site in the first place) These days I simply do not visit any other sections of the forum besides the playground (and maybe sometimes the accessories forums) because I know it'll inspire me to buy stuff I don't really need (like when I just had to get a Chanel ipod case that didn't even fit my ipod. I figured I'd just buy a smaller ipod to fit into it, but the I realized I don't want a smaller ipod! :lol:)
  9. Actually, it had the opposite effect on me! Before TPF I was an LV junkie. I would constantly cruise eBay for LV's and wound up buying more than I could actually carry in a given amount of time. I mean, how many mono bags did I really need? Then I discovered Balenciaga.....a sweet PF'er whom I purchased my first Bbag with, steered me towards TPF to have it authenticated and soon after I was selling all my LV's to fund my Balenciaga's. Since I need to sell about 2 LV's to be able to purchase 1 Bbag, I found that it actually slowed down my spending because if I didn't have anything to sell to fund my addiction, then I couldn't afford to buy. So, I guess I'm not the norm here?:shrugs:
  10. when i started i had... two dooneys, two kate spades, a few coach bags and accessories, and my mom had just given me my first LV. since then.. lol... I've gotten 3 more speedies, a neverful, azur cles, vernis key holder and mini agenda, along with a Fendi and a Balenciaga bag ;)

    It's starting to get under control now since I started on my ban, but... when its over I already know what I'm aiming for!

    Self control is always good - setting goals helps, otherwise I could just spend thousands on bags.

    And once you hit the 1k mark on a bag, its not such a big deal if you do it again..and again.. best of luck! ;)
  11. It's been a life changing, educational experience for me. I always read fashion magazines, but tPF personalized the informtion, so, yes, I have acquired tons of nice new things and the knowledge that goes along with trading ideas and thoughts.
  12. Yup, that's how it happened! :biggrin:

    I was on some other blog which was linked to this one, clicked, and didn't join the forum for about a half year. Joined, and haven't been productive or had a full wallet since! :p But I love it!

    I've gotten so much insight on not just handbags and fashion...everyone here is great, like a second family... :heart: Plus, I've gotten a few cute handbags out of it! And all the knowledge I've gained may even help me...I plan to apply for a Coach job when I turn 18!
  13. It still takes work...even 18 months later LOL I have to resist the urges constantly....but it's gotten it a bit better!!!!
  14. Really? That hasnt happened to me yet.:lol:
  15. Yes, something similar happened to me, and at this point, I think I've been saturated and have no desire to buy anymore handbags. I'm not even on a "ban," I just don't want to buy anymore. I am just going to enjoy what I have and I feel satisfied with that. I still enjoy to look but I do not feel I need anything right now. I hope that lasts!