Did anybody else notice this qee sell for $31?

  1. Dang, I should have sold mine. LOL.
  2. No kidding...I noticed that just minutes after I gave my girlfriend the qee from my new denero. Not that I wouldn't have given it to her had I already seen it.;)
  3. OMG .. one qee for $31?? I can't view eBay right now so I can't see what kind of qee it was. Was it just the regular white flower bear one that comes with all the bags?
  4. Yes, just the regular white flower bear :sad:
  5. I have tons of these... 18 Toki pieces... so 18 of these qee's I will never use. But I can't bring myself to sell them ... because it's too much hassle, and also it occurred to me... what if people are buying the real qees to put on fake bags?!?!?
  6. That's crazy!
  7. Wow I have tons of quees as well as it's so inconvenient to keep it on caramellas and denaros.
  8. My thoughts exactly!!!

  9. If you look at the other items that buyer has bought there's some strange stuff -- like a plain white tee shirt for $4, with $9 shipping! And $15 + $3 shipping for a pair of underpants. Maybe she's just an auction addict and doesn't pay much attention to what she's buying. You can still find plain white qees for under $10 on eBay. :shrugs:
  10. lol Eejit .. umm yah those are some pretty weird purchases :lol:
  11. Eh, my qees from my denaros & caramellas I gave away already. I don't care though lol. I think it's ugly..I just leave it on my bags though hahahha.
  12. It's a bidding war between the winner and the second bidder. People get carried away and the only real winner is the seller. It happens all the time on eBay.
  13. This is totally crazy- but I bet you are right- I see so many fakes around, I would not be surprised if they try to put authentic Qee on fake bags.
  14. I agree, my Qee gets in the way all the time !