Did anybody catch the Black Cabby MM on Elux last night?

  1. So I was just browsing before going to bed last night, first the free shipping caught my eye, then I was checking out the new LV items. I clicked on the Blue Cabby MM thinking what the heck I will just check it out. Lo and behold the Black was available too!! :drool:

    So I quickly grabbed one in my shopping bag, went back to see if I could grab another one (just to see if it was a fluke) and No, 2 showed up in my shopping cart! Of course I am not crazy enough to buy two so I thought about it for a few minutes and bought 1! OMG, now I am having a little bit of buyers remorse. I mean, it's an absolutely gorgeous bag and I've been drooling over it but for $1500???

    My order is stuck in Pending status and I have not received an email confirmation. Chances are it won't go through ... I guess I am fine either way.

    Just wondering any fellow tPFers caught that as well? I have no idea how long the Black one was on the website for.
  2. Well, it's only available in blue now.
  3. I actually was able to grab the Black Cabby MM on Elux last week. It arrived on Saturday!!! YAYYYY :wlae:
  4. ^ How long did it take you to get an email order confirmation (not shipping confirmation) ? I still have not gotten one ... :confused1:
  5. I ordered it on August 1 and I got an email confirmation on August 2. Call their customer service number to make sure it's still in stock.

  6. Call and make sure they SAW your order. I orderd on the 17th of July and it was pending for like 2 days until I finally called them up and they blatently told me they skipped over my order. But they gave me free shipping. So that made up for it.
  7. slightly OT but I thought lv items were excluded on free shipping they offer this time?
  8. Yeah - I think you're right. That's what their website says at least....
  9. They may take a day to get a confirmation to you. I ordered this morning from them and still don't have my confirm yet.

  10. This was in July. They didn't have free shipping. It was before the last free shipping week or whatnot...They GAVE me free shipping as a way to make up for forgetting my order for days. That's why.

    But yes. LV is excluded this time.

    But they were being nice that's why I recieved it free.
  11. ^^ no I was referring to OP's comment "first the free shipping caught my eye" but glad to hear that you got free shipping :tup:
  12. Yeah I did call them this afternoon and they told me the bag had been shipped!!! Now that was fast. I just got a shipping confirmation in email tonight.

    Re: the free shipping. I didn't read the fine prints so the first time I entered the code it took it but did not apply the discount, so I tried it again and it worked. Since I don't have an order confirmation email I can't tell if they ended up charging me S&H or not. My order history only indicates it's been shipped and what was shipped.
  13. Free standard (ground) shipping at eLux until Monday, August 13 at 11:59pm PST. The disclaimer says it's not valid on LV merchandise....but that NOT TRUE. I've placed 4 LV orders since yesterday and all had free shipping. Take advantage while you can!
  14. ^ Is that your puppy in your avatar? Too cute!

    Oh great I should not be charged S&H then! Thanks for the confirmation. Ladies, go grab your LVs! :yes: