did anybody buy the limited legacy bags

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  1. there were four styles that were made. the patchwork legacy that limited to only 1000 made. hippie, flap, duffle, and a tote. did anybody get any?
  2. Would love to see pics of them.
  3. I bought a Hippie bag, but I bought it in signature and not in patchwork. I haven't even seen pics of the Hippie in patchwork.
  4. These ones, right? I don't like the patchwork on them. :sad: I do like the scarf that comes on it!
  5. Great pictures!! I agree, I LOVE the scarf that is on it! Very cute.
  6. really? you guys think the patchwork is ugly?... the new denim this winter looks hot
  7. the le patchwork is not attractive to me. looks fake.
  8. I got the legacy zebra slim flap and I LOVE it - I'll try and get pictures up. Unfortunately I won't take it out in the rain and it's been just horrible here lately - rain/snow/hail. I don't want it to get all mussed up.
  9. I got the regular hippie in whiskey today.
  10. yeah, remember back when they were first coming out on ebay? lots of people thought they were fake because of the stitching and stuff.

    the denim is a LOT better than the patchwork. I still like the leather best though. :yes:
  11. Not my cup of tea but beautifully made bags indeed!
  12. oh yeah.
    i remember that it fooled a lot of us...and we're pretty darn good at spotting fakes.
  13. I saw a blue crocodile legacy bag for $2500 at coach on 57th. It was sooo beautiful.:drool: :nuts: :love:
  14. You mean python? I wish I could get a croc bag for 2500!!

  15. whoops, yes the whole thing was blue python.