Did any shop the Gucci.com sale?


Young Broke and Fab
Dec 10, 2006
I am not sure if it was the fact that I didn't know about it untill last week or if their online inventory/selection was always small but I was not impressed with the amount of items they had on sale. I mean don't get me wrong -- I ended up buying two pairs of shoes (really cute men's boots and sneakers).

Is the selection always small or was it just late coming to the feast?

Reason I ask is because I want to be better prepared in the Spring as I have my heart set on:

Gucci - Tote - Saks.com

in Beige/Ebony -- I don't know why but I LOVE this tote. In any case, I just am trying to figure out if I can wait it out and it will go on sale or if I need to bite the bullet and pay full price.

Thank you and happy holidays!!!!
why not pay full price? 470 isn't that terrible, you can barely get a wallet elsewhere for that.

i wore that same bag in the colourway that you want at saks a couple weeks ago...it's really huge in person....the beige with the red/green looked a little silly on me but maybe it can work for you :P
I saw it at Neiman Marcus today and almost bought it. The only reason I am waiting is because its winter here in the Bay Area and it rains ALOT. Having that bag in the rain would be silly since it doesn't snap close and the canvas would get wet. Additionally it seems that certain pieces of the collection go on sale and nothing annoys me worse than buying something full price and then seeing it on sale and having a ton of folks then walking around with the same article/accessory.

As for the size -- that doesn't bother me as I tend to carry alot of stuff to and from work (files, papers, lunch, work out clothes, etc.). I am currently carrying this which I love:


But in the Spring it would be nice to have something a bit lighter in color and texture.
yeah i know what you mean... i am a big big bag person too :P :P

i can't really remember but i thought that gucci did have a zip or something at the top?? but i didn't really pay attention, as i wasn't interested in buying or anything*--just wore it for fun ..... :P

i love your LT! that suede isn't bad in the rain?
Thank you for the compliment on the LT -- and surprisingly the suede is fantastic in the rain. I treated it when I got it more for stains than rain, but the water really rolls right off. It was a steal for about $250 on the Neiman Marcus web site -- I was in Bloomingdales in San Francisco and saw the bag retailing for double.

As for myself - I find as I get older, I am becoming a shoes, luggage and bag guy. I have found my uniform of crisp white shirts, dark jeans and some sort of blazer. Then I basically just switch out the shoes and the bag I am carrying -- it at first seemed a bit "girly" (which is odd since as a gay guy I pride myself on all things not hetero)...but as I did it more, I found some amazing bags-designer and non- and have really gotten into it.

I like to blame Dynasty (the 80s TV show) as there are two images burned into my memory -- Joan Collins walking off a lear jet carry a Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 and her husband in a white shirt with french cuffs. I think from there my shopping parameters were born.
Yes, the sale is over. I was a little disappointed to see what they have put on sale. The selection to choose from was very tiny and compared to their summer sale it was quite disappointing.