Did any else get the hard gucci catalog?

  1. Just got it in today! Sooo cute!! Its a hard gucci book catalog. Will try and post pictures later. Its white embossed GGs with a red and green stripe. Totally adorable!
  2. *GASP* I want one! How much did you pay for that Selena?
  3. I've got one too!! It's sooo nice!! I keep looking at the beautiful pics :love:!
  4. Hey ladies, can you tell me how much the catalog cost? and where I can get one?
  5. It was a freebie! I didnt pay for it. I bought a few bags a couple of weeks ago and I guess they put me on the list for one. Its really cute, worth a call to your SA to see if you can hunt one down!
  6. hi krazy4bags,
    you can't buy it. it's a seasonal catalog that you receive when you're registered @ gucci store and I think you have to have bought for a certain amount on your acount...
  7. Thanks ladies!! I'm gonna call my SA and see if he can hunt one down for me! Hope I can get one! *cross fingers*
  8. Good luck!!
  9. Yes, i have one... i got it about 2 weeks ago. It's def the type of book you leave on your coffee table. It's so cool, because it's a little hard cover book that actually looks like a book. Never seen that type of catalog before. Very nice!
  10. A bit Off Topic but Selena, what is that in your av, it's freaking me out!!!
  11. I am always the last one who get them, because I live in the West Coast. Not fair!
  12. I am a sucker for high quality paper and printing. When I got the catalog, I loved it. The cover is so cute!
  13. They start sending you stuff right away when you buy just one thing at the stores. I bought a belt 4 yrs ago and I started receiving all types of Gucci goodies in the mail!
  14. i wanna see pics and i want one too! gr.
  15. I got one almost a month ago and I that's when I realized I've spent way too much money on handbags this year!!!!! LOLOL