Did a wedding for a purse designer

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  1. Ok, I have to share this with you all since this is a purse website. I'm an entertainment coordinator and I was contacted last year to help with a wedding. For so long, I only dealt with the wedding coordinator. Anyways, it was a well thought out plan and coordination went pretty smooth. I coordinated the entertainment for the wedding (beautiful hotel by the way) and I found out who the wedding was for. It was for a beautiful purse designer. Yes, they are listed on this TPF. The wedding was so beautiful, so well organized and I was floored by the lay out, decor and the ambiance of the whole event. Just wanted to share that being a purse lover by the way. The only problem was I brought my LV. I wish I'd known earlier who it was for I would have bought one of the their beautiful purses.
  2. ooh! ooh! Whose wedding?

    Was it Megs and Vlad's? heh heh heh

    Rebecca Minkoff?
  3. :upsidedown::shame: Hopefully they had more important stuff to think about than that. ;)
  4. Well this post is no fun unless you tell who it was!
  5. I'm not at liberty to say whose it was but it was fabulous. What's funny though is the band that I brought there had no inkling or absolutely had no idea or interest in purses and they could not understand my excitement. I only found out when I got there who it was for. I would love to do Megs and Vlad's wedding. THE HOTEL was still buzzing about the wedding the next day when I had to fly the band back home.
  6. I do have to say this though I have done some other celebrity events but this event totally blew everything away since I love purses, hence my membership here. :tup:
  7. Congrats but oh how I wish that you could share!!! :happydance:
  8. maybe more of a hint... then we can try to figure it out on our own :smile:
  9. Ohh yes... please a little hint!!! Pretty please!!
  10. a hint,a hint....
  11. Ooooo, please tell us! Pretty please, with a cherry on top?
  12. Please tell!
  13. lol i wanna know too!
  14. I'd love to disclose but my business is through word of mouth since I am picky about who I create events for so I have a non-disclosure rule.
  15. A beautiful purse designer listed on tPF... that narrows it down a bit!