Did a little shopping ...

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  1. Was looking for a new watch to replace the 36 MM Rolex Day-Date President I sold because it was too small. Found a lot of the sporty men's watches to be too sporty for me. After playing around in the 5x the price of this one category, I seem to have found a good answer in the simplicity of the XL steel Ballon Bleu, which plays very nicely with diamonds ...

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  2. Beautiful watch but it’s hard to even spell when I’m looking at a tennis bracelet like that hehehehe it’s what my dream one would look like!
    P.S. very chic contrasting combo with the watch by the way.
  3. Looks great on you!!
  4. Whatta stack!
  5. congrats!
  6. The watch is absolutely beautiful but oh my, that bracelet! :blush: May I ask if they are emerald cuts or baguettes?
  7. Congrats, love this watch!
  8. Emeralds!
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  9. Great choice on the watch, but I love everything about this picture. Your shoes are fantastic too.
  10. Everything in this picture is a WOW!