Did a little shopping tonight and of course, stopped by Coach (new stuff!)...

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  1. stopped off in Macys but I didn't buy anything. Well, ok...maybe just one little pair of shoes but they were on sale and I just couldn't resist! I got the Ireland wedges in black-I won't tell you all how much I paid for them because it is ridiculously low :P

    Anyway...onto the news. I saw some NEW stuff out!!! I haven't seen this stuff mentioned here yet but if I missed it and this is a repeat, please forgive me. :rolleyes: Ok, first I saw a large Hamptons hobo IN THAT GORGEOUS NEW SHADE OF BLUE!!! :drool: That is what literally pulled me across the store to the counter. I nearly drooled on it. I MUST HAVE IT! Soooo pretty! Then I also saw a small top handle pouch (demi-ish) in an off white color with that same blue color (as the Hamptons) almost like a signature stripe around it but the stripe was thinner. The purse also had a new signature pattern done in that same color blue. It was the word "Coach" in the box like on a hangtag but it was just here and there on the bag rather than right up next to one another. I'm sorry, its really hard to explain.

    I also saw a slim tote in the cotton Chocolate signature (like the Carly). I think that's all the new stuff. While wandering through the mall tonight, I also discovered that in June, my mall is getting both Sephora and Coach~I think I might die of happiness!!!!!!
  2. If it's the same mall I am thinking of, there is also going to be a Container Store opening up down there in November. yahoo!
  4. :thisthreadisuselesswithoutpics:
  5. oh darn that didnt work lol! just teasing! how much were the irelands??

  6. sweetmelissa, can you explain what this bag looks like a little bit more in detail b/c I have a mid size blue shade Hampton hobo on hold at the outlet. It made me:drool: Wondering if it's the same bag!
  7. can't wait to see that new stuff myself. i wish my mall had sephora and coach.
  8. Sweetmelissa, I think I know what the demi looks like. I saw one at Macys last week. I've never seen it before that though.
  9. I was in Macy's yesterday and I saw that "pouch" bag with the large COACH print in blue. I wasn't loving it.
  10. Congrats on the Ireland wedges and thanks for the info!
  11. Congratulations on getting your Ireland wedges. I got mine on sale too from the Coach store.
  12. You aren't talking about the Moorestown mall, are you? I always go to the Cherry Hill mall because it has Coach & Sephora (among others)...but having them in Moorestown would be great!
  13. Stopped in Macys today to see if they had the blue bag the OP was talking about, but didn't see anything. They did have some new shoes out though.....the Thalia wedges in both colors, some other slides (forgot to look at the name....I was mesmerized by the Thalias!), and the Barrett sneakers in denim. They didn't have many clearance shoes left, but they did have the Mayras for like $170something....if I didn't think I would break my neck walking in them I would consider getting them.
  14. I'll post pics of my Irelands later. I wore them for graduation yesterday and though I :heart: them, my feet are a bit sore today as they are much higher than what I usually wear and I was on my feet ALL DAY in them. Gah, I still haven't posted pics of my Ali...I'm falling behind on the pics big time.

    Katrynar: I got them for around $50 :yahoo:I could not believe it, what a price!

    LIBlue: I didn't love it either. It's not my style even though I adore all things blue. I didn't think it was hideous, just not for me.

    Jewelssss: No, I was talking about the Deptford mall which previously had pretty much nowhere that I wanted to go ever except Macys. But next to Macys on the upper level there is a store all boarded up with "Coach" logos all over it and it says "coming in June"...I half thought about applying for a job :P Downstairs, they had the same kind of thing but boarded up for Sephora. I am addicted to Coach and Stila so this is like a dream for me! Particularly since i hate trekking to Cherry Hill for everything and am not really crazy about that mall anyway.

    BettyBoop: I'm not sure if it would be the same bag or not. It looked just like the hobos that are style #116 (or close to that) but much larger. They had the new blue color totes right next to it and the color looked exactly the same. Also, I've never seen this hobo there before that night. I'm not sure what the one at your outlet looks like though to compare it!