Did a little shopping today.........

  1. Ok, I promise this tease won't take forever (as long as I can download these pics ok-first time posting pics). :sweatdrop: This first pic is a test to see if I can do this!!!! If it doesn't work, I apologize!!

  2. arg!! I wanna see!!! I'm so bad at these games!!!!
  3. :nuts: ...Azur Saleya?:graucho:
  4. azur speedy
  5. oh lee, we girls know its azur hehehe
  6. something azur
  7. ohhhh whatever it is congrats (I'll probably be in bed before the unveiling LOL)
  8. i'm going to bed now but, congrats on whatever it is! :yes:

  9. Hey girl, you enjoying your new speedy??!! No.....it's not Azur!!!
  10. i am enjoying her. I got some shining monkey but i'm scared to use it...
    Where did you go for your lil excursion today? I cant wait to see what it is
  11. Sirenized (Jennifer), I hope you're not upset with me but I ended up at LV, Copley after all!!! :shame: I actually went up to a nice young man who was there....I made sure that I didn't go up to any females because I wasn't sure who it was that was so rude to you (hopefully she's not even there any more). Ok....so here she is....Damier Speedy 25!! :yahoo: I wanted a nice all-weather leather bag because I don't want to worry about the vachetta leather....I will get the Azur in the spring though....But can I tell you all, I LOVE :heart: this bag...I wasn't sure about the 25 being too small because I usually go for the larger bags but it's so perfect and so roomy!!!! :yes:

  12. When I went there, they only had the display Azur models left....he told me they sold out already (I think there was one speedy 25/30 and maybe a Seleya MM or GM....and a small item, like a wallet or agenda.
  13. I'm not upset with you at all and I am actually quite relieved that you had a good experience there. I heard the men are very nice. Great choice btw. I :heart: Damier...You will love your speedy. It will be great for the snow and rain and the azur will be great for spring/summer and non rainy/snowy winter days. Enjoy her! and don't forget all speedies need a name.
  14. Congrats!!! Enjoy!!!:love:

  15. Thanks!! That's what I heard too about the men being really nice, and he was so sweet! I'm glad to hear you're loving your speedy! I didn't know about naming her....hmmm I will have to think about this...right now, I can't believe I'm still awake...I'm sooo tired! :sleepy: I'll check back in the a.m....oh wait, it is the a.m.! :smile: