Did a little damage at H SCP today...

  1. Before we attended the scarf demo, we headed off to H of course, and did a little damage...

    I ended buying the Les Amoureux de Paris scarf in the orange colorway and a scarf ring for my scarf play time
    Then went back to H after the scarf demo to buy this Rouge VIF beauty:love:


    Karo clutch in chevre:wlae:

    During the second visit at H, a husband was desperately trying to get a Birkin for his wife and we felt sorry for the guy because he really had no clue (he also didn't know what one looked like, except that he wanted to surprise his wife by buying one for her birthday). The SA he was talking to pointed out pr1nc355's 35cm BJ Clemence Birkin and the poor guy exclaimed that was exactly what he was looking for. He joked whether she would be willing to sell it :wtf: LOL, he really tried to get a Birkin (and info on where he could get one) out of the SA, but the SA wouldn't budge. They finally had to explain the 2 year waiting list and he called his wife telling her what he had planned to do, but how he couldn't pull it off, thus ruining the surprise. That was awfully sweet of him to think of buying his wife a Birkin!
  2. GREAT LOOT!!!! LOVELOVELOVE Les Amoureux de Paris and LOVELOVELOVE your Karo clutch! Is it R Garance?

    Poor guy! I hope he doesn't fall prey to a fakster! But how sweet of him to plan out this surprise!
  3. Thanks hello!! :flowers: I am in love with "The lovers of Paris" and the Karo is Rouge VIF :love:

    I know, poor guy....wish him the best in his search for a Birkin, but as pr1nc355 remarked to me "Welcome to the game" lol
  4. Amkur!!!! What a gorgeus scarf! I love it especially in that color-way! It's really beautiful.......and Congratulations on your stunning Rouge Vif Karo!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. :nuts: Amkur, they're beautiful!

    I'm such a sap, I feel so bad for the guy.:crybaby:
  6. Gorgeous loot Amkur, congrats!!
  7. Great choice! I wish my store carried that scarf ring.
  8. Fabulous Karo and what a wonderful time you had there!
  9. Wonderful!!!
  10. Amkur, I love all your new goodies!! The scarf is beautiful and I love the Karo in that color.

    Sasa, the scarf ring is available online: Hermes.com
  11. Just wonderful goodies!
  12. Amakur.. gorgeous scarf!!!

    About that poor guy, its good that he told his wife, i'm sure she'll provide him with a list of reseller that he can buy from BEFORE her birthday lol
  13. What beautiful treats! Hermes scarves look like museum pieces and the Rouge Karo would be great for evening too! It's very pretty!

    As for the poor man....if it had been me, I would have bought my wife several other things....lots of orange boxes for her to open. Another style bag, twilly to adorn it, bracelet to *match* perfume.......well, I guess it would have depended on how well he knew his wife's H preferences.
  14. OMG!!! Those are GORGEOUS goodies!!!:love:

    If only that poor guy knew about Toronto store and it's stock!!!:nuts:
  15. VERY Beautiful Scarf!! Love the ORANGE! Glad you found something to bring home from the H-store.

    I feel for the poor man. Hope he finds something for her:heart: