Did a good deed today....

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  1. My bestie was in class all today, so she asked me to call the outlet for her to track down a bag. Well, the first time I called, I found out that they had it, so I said I'd call right back because I had to tell her. So I called back again, and got a guy who didn't know what he was doing and kinda left me hanging, so I hung up and called back again and got a competent SA who put it on hold for her, but I didn't know her cell number straight up, so I had to look in my phone and call back AGAIN. So after my 4 phone calls to the outlet, she was able to go this afternoon and pick this up.


    I tell her all the time about all the neat things I see and learn here on TPF,
    and she asked me to announce the arrival of her new Pleated Ergo in Rose, wearing the VDay print pony scarf, purchased for 160! And she got me one of those pony's too :graucho:
  2. Great job! Sometimes calling the outlets is nerve racking to say the least. Congrats to you and your friend!
  3. Good Karma for you!:tup:
  4. Thanks ya'll! She'd been dreaming about this bag for weeks and weeks, and I told her that I'd seen some fellow TPF members mention finding them in outlets, so when she finally got it today, I was almost as excited for her as I would have been if I'd gotten it myself.
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    The purse is beautiful, and I like the scarf on the bag. The purse looks classy and elegant. :heart: I never thought about putting accessories on my bags until visiting this forum. I recently purchased the Patent Ergo Pleated Satchel, but I returned it and got the Large Zoe. I wanted a shoulder bag instead of a satchel. I could not wear the purse on my shoulder without feeling uncomfortable. I am glad you found the purse your friend wanted at the outlet. I love the bag too; I will probably buy it again.
  6. Wow you are so nice that is an awesome bag I love it. You are so nice for taking time out to help your friend score Coach.
  7. ^^^^ Thanks :biggrin:
  8. OMG...that's awesome of you!!! Wow, I'm a little upset though, they charged me $248 for my pleated ergo satchel that I have on hold...it's patent though. Maybe I should call and ask them why it's so much?
  9. Thank you. I never thought of adding accessories either until I came here and then I was like wowwwwwwwwwww lolllllllll
  10. Oops...nevermind, it's because the patent is more expensive...what a bummer. I may just call and see if they have the rose one and exchange it. I think I like the rose one that you got for your friend better anyway. Nice find!
  11. Thanks! I think she told me earlier that she wanted to look at the patents, but they were out of them, so yours on hold is probably an outlet rarity. When I called at a few minutes after 10 this morning, they had all the colors, and by the time she got there, she had the last rose, and there were like 6 left in the store. Oh, and the SA told her that they'd had them in back since before Christmas and they were just allowed to bring them out.
  12. ^^^^ Oh and she said a woman in front of her was mad because she wanted a rose and they told her they were out, so when she saw them take my bestie's out from behind the counter she said they lied to her, and were like sorry this one is sold lollllllllllll
  13. ^^^Uh-oh! LOL!!! It's good to have tPF and be "in the know," then you don't have to worry missing out on awesome bags! Good for your friend, I'm glad you helped her get a lovely bag! I guess I'll stick w/ the patent.
  14. The patent is lovely. I was actually kinda bummed when she called and said she got the last rose. I tried to con her into taking it back and getting the burnt orange so I could have rose, but she said no way jose'! And, I don't really NEED a new bag anyway, but the rose is just so pretty ya know?
  15. You area good friend! It is frustrating to have to call 4 times though! Your BFF got a beautiful bag.
    P.S. She was a good friend to get your the Valentine's Day scarf too! :hugs: