Did a bad, bad thing........

  1. had a stressful morning and went shopping at lunch and and voila! took home a work size 06 caramel bal bag. it is very veiny, and i miss the old leather, but thought i would consider it for a few days... does anyone have an 06 caramel bal bag that started out veiny, but improved with age? leather is not stiff, but it is very veiny now. i would appreciate any help and insight!!
  2. congrats on your purchase...i personally love the caramel
  3. I have a First in Caramel (Spring 06), and I really love the colour--veiny or not. From what I've heard, the leather will likely darken overall, but it won't get less veiny. I look forward to seeing the Fall leather.

    Do you think the leather on your bag will grow on you?
  4. Yay, veiny or not, all bbags are wonderful! Congrats!
  5. congrats, i'm sure you'll absolutely love it!
  6. hey ya!
    i've got a cornflower twiggy from this season and the more i use it the more softer it gets.... i really enjoy using it!

    congrats on your new b-bag!
  7. thanks everybody! i am still unsure about this bag... i will play in mirror for a few days. i certainly did not think i was in market for a carmel color, so who knows? i love the work size, just have doubts about the veiny leather. i wonder if veins will darken to match leather... ?? i cant wait until new leather comes out to compare. however, this bag is not stiff at all.
  8. Congrats on your carmel Bbag! I don't know if the veins will darken, but I know the leather gets even softer with wear. Enjoy it!
  9. my bal 06 did get softer BUT the veins just stayed the same way. I've grown to love it so i've accepted it, veins and all
  10. not helping - but thank goodness there are no shops carrying bbags around my work place - or i would end up buying bags everyday!