Did 3 things today I've never done before

  1. 1. Bought a designer bag (Coach Soho Signature Small Flap in Silver/Dark Brown, thanks for asking!:love: ). Thought about it for months, finally decided to give up my clearance bin NineWest habit and be GOOD to myself.
    2. Carried my treasure in it's shopping bag for half an hour before going back and buying my second Coach item (Signature mini-skinny in Silver/Dark Brown). Couldn't really expect me to put my clearance bin wallet in my new beautiful purse could you?
    3. Posted on a Purse forum.
  2. 4. posted pictures of your fabby new purchases on said purse forum to encourage drooling and fawning!
  3. Thanks for asking!
  4. They are very cute! Congrats!
  5. Very pretty! Congrats.
  6. Very nice! I love how well they go together. Sounds like you had a perfect trifecta day. :o) Congratulations, and welcome to the Purse Forum, you're going to love it here.
  7. very cute!
    i was actually debating on buying that purse today because it's really quite lovely...then decided i should pay my bills first, lol.
  8. I really like that bag ,its a great color:yes: congrats
  9. Deliciously gorgeous!
  10. good choices!

    congrats on your new babies!
  11. they look really nice! congrats!
  12. congrats!
  13. I love the gorgeous little family!
  14. Congrats, I love the color too
  15. Welcome to the forum...Love the bag. Very cute & I like how you had to go back for the matching mini skinny LOL. Congrats & thanks for sharing.