diary wallet now on elux!!

  1. that's very cute!
  2. FABULOUS! Wish it was a tad big larger!
  3. ohh what a pretty wallet!
  4. OMG! I've been wanting this for so long! Too bad I broke down and got the mini ring agenda for this purpose though...
  5. hmm pretty I wonder if it also comes in damier?
  6. Nice stuff. Too bad I'm not a fan of Vernis leather.
  7. I saw this in the regular monogram and I have to say I am not impressed. I hope it is cuter in the vernis!
  8. I wish it had a place for coins! It's been on elux for awhile now.
  9. I love this ... does anyone have the model number for this or the mono canvas one?
  10. I love it!......but no coin pocket:confused1:
  11. that is sooo cute!
  12. I think it only comes in vernis and mono for now.

    I'm always too chicken to put coins in my LV wallets anyways :shame: so I always use a separate coin purse
  13. This is sooo cute !
  14. Oo very cute! thanks for posting!