Diaper/ Work Bag-- which color should I get? *pic included*

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Which color should I get?

  1. Black with grey

  2. Salmon with pink

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I can't make up my mind on which color I should get for this bag. It's a diaper bag but I'm thinking of using it as a work bag, travel bag, or sometimes as a diaper bag. So I'm thinking I want the color thats most versatile. I also want to consider the one that goes with the most outfits (goes with grey tones and brown tones). Here are the choices:

    Black - more classic? may last longer? but boring and plain? may only go with grey shades outfit. Not sure I can wear this when I'm wearing browns? inside is blue which is good in that my baby is a boy but not good in that I don't care for the color. At first glance, I had picked up this one first.

    Salmon - fun but is color too trendy? will it be tacky/ cheap to me later? may go with all shade outfits? inside is pink which is super cute but my baby is a boy. This one is cheaper by $40.

    I am getting a large cosmetic bag (one of them is included in pic) that matches with either one of them. However if I get the salmon one, I can get an extra smaller size cosmetic bag. Not sure what I need a smaller one for... but just saying I have to consider that too.

    What do you ladies think and why? Thanks in Advance!

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  2. I definitely say the black and gray. I think for work purposes it is much more appropriate and you can classic. I think if I were carrying the red one, I would get tired of it very quickly. Plus, the black and gray will match anything you wear. I always prefer to get colorful accessories or wear color accessories and my coats, bags, and shoes are pretty much always a classic neutral.
  3. I agree on the Black!It does go with more and it looks nicer,imo....Plus the inside is Blue:smile:Good luck, and let us know what you decide!
  4. I'm partial to pink so that's what I voted for, especially for a diaper bag.
  5. Black for me.