Diaper Registry Question

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  1. Looking for advice from seasoned moms. I just opened my registry at Babies R Us and have registered for Pampers Swaddlers after reading all the great reviews on this board. Here is my question, how many boxes of each size should I register for? I really don't have a clue what I'm doing because this is my first baby and figure I would reach out for advice.
  2. I have no idea but in talking to my sister and reading a little bit about this... 1 box of Swaddlers size 1, 2 and 3 is the recommended. I assume they mean the supersize box. Good luck!
  3. I'm not a seasoned mom but have been advised by seasoned moms to first buy a pack of smallest count (66 ct for Pampers Swaddlers sz 1) just in case baby may be allergic to that brand. If he's not then continue to order in bulk... from diapers.com they got better deals than BRU with free shipping etc. Same with Dreft - sample before buying in bulk in case of baby allergy. I also have a BRU registry but doesn't include pampers nor detergent.
  4. I bought a few disposable packs and then 12 reusable bum genius 3.0 I will add more as I go but I plan on a mixed approach.
  5. ^^ my plan as well.

    at first a baby is popping every time they eat...so eating every 2 hrs at first that is 12 diapers in a 24 hr period [rough guesstimation]. then there may also be just wet diapers...so maybe 15-16 a day. and that continues for awhile. and also vpt gave you good advice! my son would get a horrible diaper rash only from certain brands, so you have to figure out which brands don't agree with your baby.
  6. Well... you should just ask for gift cards. My daughter is allergic to pampers and it was a pain in the butt to take all of the freakin diapers back that we bought before hand!!!

    My daughter only pooped once or twice a day max when she was newborn, so every baby is different.
  7. ^^^ wow...i wish i was that lucky!!
  8. Shoot, she still only usually poops once a day! She turned 4 months on the 19th.
  9. both my sons pooped after every feeding....we went through lots o' diapers!
  10. :yes: every baby is very different. my baby poops 2-3 times a week! makes dh & me so worried that i started noting down her poo!

    for diapers we apply drapolean on her each time after we change her diaper and so far all diaper brand works for her. for newborn size get supply for around 2weeks since after the umbilicol stump falls u can use size s (cheaper!). my baby changed diaper size every month for the 1st 3 months lol.
  11. After you give birth, don't forget to nicely ask the nurse for a couple extra packages of diapers. My L&D nurse was sweet enough to give our DS 4 extra packages of Pampers, and that lasted a little while.
  12. I wouldn't get too many of the newborn diapers, as an average size baby is on to the next size pretty quickly. I would say get 1 pkg of neborn. The babys seem to be in size 2 for a while so maybe more of those but not tons of the newborn size.
  13. I would get a small selection of a few types. You'll develope a preference for one over the other due to fit, chemicals, etc. Personally I prefer cloth diapers because I don't have to deal with diaper rash. DD only gets diaper rash in sposies.