Diaper/nappy bag? Help please!

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  1. Hi all, I'm just wondering what LV you've used as a nappy/diaper bag that you've found has worked well and could recommend ? I know neverfull is a popular choice for this but I used this with my son and don't really want to use it again. (straps dug into my shoulders and would fall down etc) .

    Any other suggestions I'm missing? I have a 4yo who carries his own bag and will have a newborn. Or should I just go a regular nappy bag?
  2. Did you use a diaper bag with your 4-year-old? I found that diaper bags with compartments that make life easier are really the best, if you use them at all. The idea of getting a designer bag as a diaper bag was enticing at first, but really I just needed something functional. I used a Skip Hop bag and it worked out fine, and at the end of the day I'm happy I didn't use an expensive bag for my diaper bag, as it got stained with my breast milk and thrown all over the place!
  3. I have the IENA MM and I use a diaper bag insert from ToteSavvy. Hope this helps.
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  4. Gucci make actual diaper bags as do Marc Jacobs. Skip Hop quality is really good (or was in 2007 when I had my baby), and their clean lines and solid colours are a plus. I'd go with that and a small designer crossbody today.
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  5. I used a regular diaper bag (skip hop because I loved how it clipped to the stroller) and an LV crossbody. Now that my daughter is older I have no use for a diaper bag but I still to this day use the crossbody.
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  6. Probably not popular but I actually ended up always just using my artsy purse in empriente in navy. I used it through both my children and now and out of diaper days and it remains one of the bags I reach for often. Mostly due to size as I can fit snacks etc for them. I always cloth diapered and I found the artsy the perfect size to hold clean diapers,wipes my nursing cover etc. I didn’t generally put my dirty diapers in their wet bag in there but occasionally I did! Lol. I generally just had the wet bag of diapers separate. The bag just worked great for me but I have heard others find it too heavy etc. it remains one of my favorites.
  7. I used the marc by marc jacobs baby bag but that thing is heavy even without anything on it, not a good purchase lol then i alternate between a regular gucci tote (which strap is much better than the neverfull plus got zipper!) and a storksak baby bag.. my best diaper bag turn out to be the longchamp neo.. that bag is heaven sent, easy to clean, light, zipper, i can put it behind my stroller with the top handle or the crossbody..
    i don’t like big bags so if i buy a designer bag for a baby bag, i know wouldn't have any use for it when my daughter is older..
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  8. I never found an LV that worked. If I needed to carry nappies now, I would probably go for the Josh backpack but ultimately I would say that an actual baby/nappy/change bag would be your best bet. They usually have crossbody straps, short handles and can hang on your pram easily.
  9. I used my neverfull with organiser insider but I have narrow shoulders so straps were always falling down and annoying. Plus it's DE so the straps would dig in if it got heavy
  10. I too have the Neverfull in MM which I bought so I could use during parenthood. I have now listed it for sale as I wait for my Pochette Metis to arrive. I find due to the size, it starts becoming like Mary Poppins Bag and becomes a dumping ground for everyone else’s things. I found that even half full, it puts too much pressure on the thin straps, and has a flow on effect on the shoulders. I’ve started getting muscle spasms that I’m blaming on my bag, and the fact that it’s awkward to carry, and holds my body down one side, it’s bad for posture. Don’t even get me started on where to put your bag when trying to put your child in the car seat and it’s in the way. I’m planning on trying for number two this year and as I have the Speedy 25 as a crossbody, I love being ‘arms free’ but just think the PM
    will be better in terms of organisation. When baby two comes along, I’m going to just get a cheap backpack style baby bag from Target. Now my son is almost four, I’m carrying nothing extra for him except for baby wipes so I am happy to go the two separate for a year (or three). And my bag, it’ll be all mine, and my things only!
  11. Currently I am using my Fawn Diaper Bag as I have not found LV to be that practical as a diaper bag! I have a almost 4 months old boy and if I am with him I always use my diaper bag. Only if I go somewhere alone I will use my LV bags. I just think LV bags are not made as a diaper bag! Just my two cents at least not my LV bags
  12. I try to use diaper bags but end up using tote bags a lot of the time. I do have a jujube backpack that I like. I often use a small Lululemon shopping bag for baby essentials like diapers wipes and change of clothes then I toss that into whatever tote I’m using. Either Neverfull MM or a longchamp large le pliage.
  13. Totally MM was a good diaper bag for me :smile:
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    I hope I won't offend anyone here, but I honestly can't see a Louis Vuitton bag serving or being used as a diaper bag. I just can't. I perceive Louis Vuitton as a sophisticated, luxury brand underlining lady's elegance. It would never cross my mind to even think about Louis Vuitton bags this way. Why do you need a luxury diaper bag? I am sure, dear ladies, you get some time off, so you can hang out with you Louis Vuitton clutch or other bag for a nice dinner or other event out. Now, kill me!
  15. If you want to use an LV as a diaper bag, go for the Palm Springs MM. I used a regular backpack instead of a diaper bag when my daughter was little.