Diaper Bags

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  1. Looking for some suggestions on a diaper bag. A couple of things about me. I am going to be going back to work so the diaper bag will most likely be used on weekends. I don't see myself leaving a nice diaper bag at daycare. My sister gave me a simple black one that I will probably use during the week and leave at daycare daily.

    I live in the city and are planning on getting a black bugaboo stroller. We don't know if we are having a boy or a girl. My due date is October 21st.

    Option 1
    I like the Kate by MZWallace.
    Pros its cute and does not look like a diaper bags. Cons it sort of large and I am really hard on my stuff. I am worried the handle may not hold up. I beleive this bag comes in grey and black.

    Option 2
    Storksak Diaper Bag
    I like again that it does not look like a diaper bag. The bag maybe a little small. Comes in grey and black.

    I am sure there are a lot of other options out there. Does anyone else have any suggestions? I personally don't want anything that screams I am a diaper bag. I am wondering if I really even need to buy a "diaper bag" Why not just get a big bag that I love and turn it into a diaper bag.

    Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I am not sue why but I am just not that into buying a diaper bag.

  2. I was wondering about the same thing about whether it is really necessary to get a diaper bag! I have been searching like crazy for one. I purchased the Storksak Emily Bag and I absolutely hated it because it was very rigid and it was hard to open wide and see everything. The quality of the bag also does not justify the price imo. Next, I decided to purchase a Timi & Lesllie in Camilla and received it in the mail. It was so LARGE and obnoxious looking. I decided I may just give up on diaper bags and purchase a large tote that is made of real leather - from Elliott Lucca or something (priced reasonably around $200 or something).

    I heard that the Petunia and Pickle has good reviews from moms.
    I like the Cake by Petunia the most. You can check it out if you are interested:

  3. I used the petunia picklebottom boxy backpack for my second. I love the way it looked (satin brocade)- totally un-diaper bag. It can be worn messenger and backpack, and I found it to have a good amount of pockets and organization. I liked the fold down outer pad, so I didn't have to root around in the bag for a diaper change. It worked well with a baby and toddler, and I know now the bag comes with clips to attach safely to a stroller, which would have been useful. the only thing to really watch out for is the different fabrics- some are more delicate or prone to staining if wet. But it truly is a beautiful bag, and they make matching stroller blankets too!
    I used a kate spade medium tote in black microfiber, and I will say that the changing pad for kate spade is the best- huge, plush, and wipeable. I think they can be purchased separately, so if you want to make your own diaper bag, get one of these pads.
  4. I don't use a diaper bag LOL

    I find that the diaper bag I have was only pulled out when we were going on an extended trip (where I had to bring everything and multiples of it with me) and that was only because it was there LOL. Other than that, I found it cumbersome and unnecessary for the places I was going to.

    I keep a Skip Hop Pronto in the car with 3 diapers, filled case of wipes and butt cream. It attaches easily to my strollers or in the basket of my strollers (Babywearing got tiring after he hit the 15lb mark). Tucked into one of the pockets is also a spare outfit and a burp cloth. Then in my purse (and I don't usually grab a large bag), I put a bib, baggie of puffs (for snacks), a spoon, a container of food, a bottle w/cap, bottle of water and a little container that holds measured amounts of formula in it (because it's so rare that we're out longer than 1 feeding time). When I was BFing, it was even easier because I'd just bring my nursing cover LOL.

    So it can be done, just as long as you're comfortable knowing that some things may spill into your bag (although, I haven't had issues yet...).
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I looked at the Petunia and Pickle bags and just feel like they scream "I am a diaper bag". I think they are really cute but not really my style. I may just end up looking for a big bag and making it into a diaper bag. If anyone else has suggestions keep them coming!
  6. These don't really look like diaper bags to me:

    Kate Spade: http://www1.bloomingdales.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=491584&PseudoCat=se-xx-xx-xx.esn_results

    Rebecca Minkoff: http://www1.bloomingdales.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=485234&PseudoCat=se-xx-xx-xx.esn_results

    Another Kate Spade: http://www.katespade.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4298799&cp=2450627.1876038

    I tried the Kate Spade and it is very functional, albeit on the heavy side. If you are just using it on the weekends I think it should be fine, but I will be using it on a daily basis so I knew it wouldn't be convenient.
  7. I have been having the same dilemma as you. I'm not sure if I want a new diaper bag or ditch the whole diaper bag idea. I currently carry a Kate Spade DB, but the actual weight of the diaper bag is heavy, so once I put all of DD's essentials in it, the weight increases!!

    I don't want the diaper bag look either and I do like this bag because of it's organization, but 16" wide - may be too big? It's made by Maelee Baby Bags...




    Ju Ju Be is another popular bag, but I'm not crazy about the prints.

  8. I don't use a diaper bag at all -- I still use my Balenciaga bags when out with DS for the day. I found by streamlining what I carried to the lightest options possible, I saved myself from carrying around a lot of extra weight. For example I carry all food/drink in clear resealable bags and use one of those Prada nylon cosmetic cases to bring along an extra onesie, two diapers, a disposable changing pad and various other creams/sanitizing gels etc that are travel-sized. Breastfeeding helps as well in cutting down the amount of food I've had to carry out for him -- in my bag anyway!

    Another thing that I've found helpful is a Baggu tote folded in its case which gives me an additional bag on-hand if needed -- holds the baby carrier when not in use or other shopping goodies. :biggrin: I still have space for a water bottle, sunnies and various other essentials for myself. DS is 10 months old now and this has worked out well for us so far. If I need to I will get a regular diaper bag for sure, but right now I don't see a good reason not to carry my lovely leather bags out even though DS is now in the picture.
  9. Lot's of great suggestions. I was looking at the Kate Spades but was not sure if I loved them or not. I really like the Rebecca Minkoff bag that was posted. Has anyone seen that bag in person? I would love to check it out before ordering. ANyone in NYC carry it? Lot's of great ideas and suggestions ladies! Thanks!
  10. I went with a Jujube Be Spicy for mine. I like the JuJuBe bags because they are machine washable. The Be Spicy was great since I tend to over-pack and it had a larger capacity. I stopped using it and am now using the LV Noe as mine. It works great with some personal organization.

    There are some things to consider when getting a diaper bag. The first is if you plan to breast feed or bottle feed. You will need a much bigger bag for bottle fed babies since you have the bottles, formula and other things to carry. I ended up switching to the Noe because I really only needed a change of clothes, her baby food, diapers and wipes for long trips. When I had a bag for my son, who was bottle fed, I needed a lot of space and I had to worry about spills.
  11. ^ITA! It makes a big difference if you bottle or breast feed. If you are BFing then you would be totally fine using a bag that is not a diaper bag. I just use a larger Gucci tote bag and toss in what I need since I don't tote around formula or bottles. Its very convenient! I'm not a fan of bulky diaper bags.
  12. I have a Fleurville Mothership and love it. I also have a smaller no name one.
  13. I was obsessed with getting the right diaper bag - and wound up with a couple of them. But never even use them! We keep diapers and wipes in the car. And when we go out with my son I just throw a bottle and toy in my purse (I carry a YSL Oversized Muse bag). Works beautifully!
  14. Honestly, I never used a diaper bag. My DD was breast fed so I would only ever carry a diaper, some cotton wool and a little tub for water. Oh and a plastic bag to put the dirty one in! I just never ever needed anything more than a tote sized bag, so honestly I mainly used my Tods D Piccola, it was more than perfect.

    This time, I'm thinking of getting an LV Neverful in Damier, just because i love the bag and it would make a great alternative to my Tods.