diaper bags?

  1. any suggestions for a gorgeous diaper bag? no coach or kate spade, please. i'm looking for leather, but they seem to be hard to find.

    thanks in advance!! :flowers:
  2. QUOTE]no coach or kate spade, please.[/QUOTE]

    yup, exactly how I feel. what's with these el cheapo canvas types?

    anyhow, i did a search and websites like brown's on 5th has a good range. it depends on whether you are carrying light while slinging the baby or stashing the bag in the stroller...

    leather is good but always consider the weight and bulk given your hands will be full.
    so far, I have bought the Juicy Couture diaper bag. I love the roominess and the changing mat with pocket. all the accessories scream "Couture Baby" and I thought it was trashy cute... turned out too heavy for me so I have only used it 3-4 times.
    I am now relying on Petunia Pickle Bottom Messenger/Backpack. the zip out roll out diaper mat with the changing station draws gasps everytime I am in a baby room. It's very efficient but the downside is the fabric has to be dry cleaned only. It stands up by itself and is lightweight enough for me to carry around while carrying my 10kg 9 mth old. Exudes a hippy chic cool.
    For canvas, I like only Anya Hindmarch as if it is canvas, I might as well have a picture I like on it.. Again, size, dimensions are similar to the Juicy one.
    For leather, Gucci does a mean messenger one but I feel it is too heavy even if price is say not an issue. I checked out the compartments and it is just an oversized Gucci logoed with 2 additional pockets. As baby is getting older, I am thinking of just throwing everything in a Balenciaga city or work.
  3. I saw some leather diaper bags at Zappos by not rational...but they are pricey about $500. Just do a search for diaper bags and you can find them hope that helps
  4. i actually use a Balenciaga work now b/c my kids are toddlers, but i wouldn't for a newborn or infant just b/c i get scared of bottles, formulas spilling. the leather bag is amazingly light.
  5. A balenciaga bag would be great! Just make sure you get the work. I tried using my ink city as a diaper bag but i find it too small for our stuff. Work might be the most ideal.