Diaper Bags

  1. What kind of Diaper Bag are you using right now?

    I have a Kate Spade and Vera Bradley. I am preggie with #3 and am really tired of my diaper bags. The Kate Spade isn't really comfy to wear on my shoulder and doesn't fit as much as I'd like. The Vera Bradley I find very functional, espeically since I can fit the straps over a stroller's handles and not have to carry it...but I am bored with it.

    I was thinking of getting a LV Neverfull as a diaper bag. Or maybe Petunia Picklebottom...or maybe one of those new bags that go over your shoulder and is made of used sails.

    What do you girl use yourself?
  2. I personally don't like overpriced diaper bags. Got a Coach one and never used it. In many U.S. hospitals they give you a free black, insulated nylon diaper bag that's sponsored by Enfamil or Lipil or something.

    This bag actually is really, really functional. And I brought it everywhere when I thought the weather might be bad or if it would be subject to wear and tear.

    With my toddler now, I use the Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal and love it. I just got the large Gucci Princy Tote on the online sale in preparation for my next baby.

    With a screaming baby in a stroller, I don't need anything that 'screams' mommy for me as far as a diaper bag goes. Designer bags are for mommy. Get something for YOU.
  3. My favorite two bags are the Not Rational hansel to use when I need to carry A LOT (and I can hook it to a stroller) and the Rafe Kate for normal outings. I got tired of looking like I was using a diaper bag, and I can use them afterwards. There's a yahoo group babybags you might want to check out. it's dangerous though. I've owned at (no more than two at a time) about 30 bags in the last 3 years. People trade them there and sell too, so you can try different things without losing out on a lot, but don't COUNT on being able to resell there because it doesn't always work to your advantage.
  4. Marc by Marc Jacobs totally turnlock diaper bag.

    She's not even born yet and just today I used it as a purse because I love it!
  5. I use a kate spade tote or my LV BH
    but if DH is with me we use a backpack so he gets to carry the baby stuff
    and I can just enjoy a nice purse! LOL!:p

    will also have our 3rd baby soon...
    and also looking for a new baby bag...
    looking for a good sized designer backpack that both of us can carry.
  6. Oooh...diaper bags! One of my favorite obsessions! :yes:
    I've recently discovered Skip Hop as really great throw around diaper bags and ordered a couple of their new redesigned ones on their site...The deluxe duo and deluxe dash. I like them because of the uber tough material they are made of, the fact that they'll look fab on the stroller I just ordered (Baby Jogger Mini Double), and dh will carry them because they look boyish...Plus I'm having a boy this time and it just seemed to match better...had lots of very girly looking diaper bags with my dd (loved OiOi and Fleurville with her!). :smile:
    Also adore Not Rational...I have a naked chocolate fab that is huge and stuffable, great for long days and travel, and has this incredibly buttery soft, supple leather.
    My new favorite though are the Maya Moon bags. They are actually handbags that can be used as baby bags since she is so awesome at customizing interiors and exteriors with very convenient pockets that are perfect for baby items. I love it because the leathers are gorgeous and incredibly lightweight, I can customize the straps and such (I'm petite and strap length is sometimes a problem), and Maya is the sweetest to work with. Plus the actual bags are light as air and everyone thinks its just a regular handbag because they're so stylish...Here are a few of mine:
    Absolutely in :heart:love:heart: with this brand! :drool:
  7. Wow, same here! My sis got me a beige monogram Coach messenger diaper bag and I wound up using the free black nylon enfamil bag for the first two months because I was so worried about getting it dirty. I use it more now and it's really functional-but as much as I love the color, I wish it was black so I wouldn't have to worry about it getting dirty.

    I also use my big black Chanel travel ligne bag. It doesn't have the diaper bag set up, but it holds ALOT and is very durable. I think there's a bigger size that would be a perfect diaper bag: http://cgi.ebay.com/Authentic-Chanel-Khaki-HUGE-Travel-Tote-Diaper-Bag-RARE_W0QQitemZ120193893748QQihZ002QQcategoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  8. To be honest, lots of people get Coach and Kate Spade diaper bags, but they aren't very functional. Their pockets on the exterior for bottles are tight/shallow and they are just like "after thought" bags they make for the gal who likes Kate Spade and Coach purses. Really, there are MUCH better higher end choices that are EXCELLENT diaper bags.
  9. I am currently using the Ramalama bags. Love, love, love these bags! The leather is super soft and there are a lot of pockets for terrific organization.
  10. Thanks for the great ideas, since I'm looking too. My faves right now are the Not Rational Hansel bag, and the MJ bag that Ilovemyhusband got! I can totally see why you'd carry it around already (though I wish the lining were striped or something, would love it that much more.)

    Berryblondeboys, are you sure the Yahoo group is babybags? Is there a space or anything? I of course went to go start looking immediately, but couldn't find it. Thanks a ton!
  11. VERY CUTE!!!!
  12. Eep. I found the Marc by MJ Turnlock baby bag on the Neiman Marcus site, and decided it would be a good way to use my $100 electronic gift card from buying shoes recently, since I rationalized that it's an easy return to Neimans if I don't like it. While I was at it, I found one of the Not Rational Hansel bags in a pretty grey color (looks like Smoke, which was the color I was looking at) on eBay yesterday, and am now the proud owner of that. So I'm now up to four bags (and no baby yet)!
  13. You are going to love the MJ bag... I adore mine!! I purchased mine from ShopBop when they were having the 20% off sale... 20% off AND free shipping... I want to say it was some crazy deal like 368$ that I ended up paying? Whatever it was... it was a steal!!!!! The leather is beautiful... although it is a TINY BIT heavy even when empty. I haven't picked up many diaper bags so I'm not sure the typical weight of one... but the look of it sure makes up for it!!!!!! I can always sacrifice comfort hahaha
  14. I had a Kate Spade with my 1st baby - I hated it - the bottles didnt fit in the side pockets at all and the zippers paint chipped right away making it look old.

    I am eyeing the Gucci Diaper Messenger bag this time around - anyone have one that could tell me pros and cons???
  15. I had a Juicy Couture baby bag that got really dirty really fast, so I started using a Vera Bradley messenger bag, and I absolutely adore it. Strangely enough, lots of women have asked me about the bag without even knowing that I was using it as a diaper bag. They just thought it was my purse. I love that it's washable (I wash it very frequently) and that it's really light and durable. Can't really go wrong with it.

    I love brand names, but for a diaper bag function trumps labels any day. Especially if you have a boy, lol.