diaper bags...

  1. :smile: I know this is an odd question...

    Most diaper bags have adjustable straps. But some don't so I am trying to decide what is best.

    Since Diaper bags are pretty large where do you wear yours?

    With fashion, bags are tucking higher and higher up under our arms.

    Do you prefer the BOTTOM of the diaper bag to hit about where your hip is or below your hip?

    Where does the bag part usually start?

    How many pockets are ideal in a bag? More big ones or little ones?

    Do you really use your changing pad? Do you wish it was larger?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Depends on your needs really.
    I have a blue camo one that's Daddy frinedly - can be worn on the shoulder or messenger style, I liked this one because I can lengthen the straps to fit across the back of my stroller. I also saw Courteney Cox wearing this one. It's a little one the small side for me, but I have twins. . . but perfect for short outings!

    Then I have a red Kate Spade which I LOVE! It's my 3rd one!
    It has an adjustable strap, but my first 2 didn't and were the perfect length. The top of my bag is right at my elbow.
    Both bags have ample pockets inside - VERY important!
    I do use the changing pads, they could be bigger. . . but then they'd hog up the inside of my bag, so they're fine really.