Diaper Bags.

  1. Ok so since this is tpf baby forum, let's combine the two! I want a beautiful bag to use as a diaper bag. Was looking at pics and saw Kate Moss used a Berkin bag for hers but 20,000 is a little steep for me hehe. Anyone know of any Fendis, LVs, Guccis, etc that have many compartments and would be good to purchase for use as an everyday diaper bag? Or does anyone make luxury diaper bags like that?
  2. I use a Vera Bradley bag as a diaper bag. It's great because I can throw it in the wash when it gets dirty and gross...and trust me, they don't stay clean forever!

    To me, it's useless to use a luxury bag as a baby bag, unless you can afford to replace it
  3. gucci has a real diaper bag...i don't know how much it is...chk neimanmarcus.com or the actual gucci.com site. i know i saw it one of those two.
  4. Louis Vuitton has one, pretty pricey 1800 I think. I use a Fleurville, Coach, and a Petunia Picklebottom.

    Just remember there are times that they may have to be put on the ground of the bathroom, times when you'll have to put soiled clothes in them, and that milk and food often spills everywhere. I spilled milk on my 150 dollar Petunia Picklebottom and it unnerved me for awhile.
  5. I use a Petunia Pickle bottom designer bag. They are so cute and since I forgo a purse, I still feel in fashion. I do receive a lot of compliments on it as well. They come with a removeable diaper pad and additional zip pouch for essentials. There are 6 bottle compartments!

    [​IMG]I have this one. Retail~ $175.00

    Here are a couple of others~

    [​IMG][​IMG] www.petuniapicklebottom.com
  6. More~ ^ (riley girl...we are on the same page again LOL!)

  7. my cousin's wife got those petunia ones. the gucci diaper bag is about 900 something i think. way cheaper than LV
  8. I just purchased this bag for my impending birth...It's a Mia Bossi and the leather feels really durable..sooo many useful pockets and still room left over for my personal effects. The diaper bag insert can also be unzipped and removed for a laptop insert or just to use as a travel bag. Love it!!!! It's so lightweight too and comfortable to use cross the body.

    But I do know Gucci makes one for about &900 that comes in brown or black jacquard fabric. The LV one is very bulky and uncomfortable IMHO.
  9. I have a Juicy one.
  10. My favorite has always been the Kate Spade bag. I always get one in red and DH doesn't look fruity carrying it! LOL!
    I am a Chanel gal, but GUcci has a really great one and isn't too over the top price-wise compared w/ some of the other designer labels.
  11. Ghost, such great taste we have! I have the Boxy Back Pack in Sunset (the red) and the Tote in the Brown and Pink....contemplating what to use for my little boy...thinking Tokidoki! :smile:
  12. Oh so many options :smile: I love it!!!
  13. Oh, and don't overlook the LV Batignolles Horizontal. It's a great tote and very very useful for a diaper bag as well!!!!
  14. How about a LV Messenger??? (* this picture is a courtesy of RobbieNEmmy)