Diaper Bags

  1. Wonder if anyone has any recommendations for a stylish diaper bag to recommend? Thanks!
  2. This is my all time favorite by Not Rational if you wanted something in leather:
    I have the chocolate naked leather which is a rich dark brown in the most buttery, supple leather you will ever touch. :drool:
    I also love OiOi diaper bags:
    The hobo is my favorite...
    Also adore JuJuBe:

    I have also heard wonderful things about Ramalama bags:

    Hope that at least gets you started on looking for the perfect baby bag! :smile:
  3. Another vote for JuJuBe for a very cute and functional bag. Not Rational looks really nice and stylis too. I've went though tons of diaper bags before settling on JuJuBe. Check out my blog below...I've put up many of the diaper bags I have used in it. Also check out Storksak, Nest, Burberry and Coach. Good luck!
  4. I LOVE my Not Rational EK Sub- it's what I use most often. I also have a regular Sub too.
  5. Petunia Picklebottom has pretty ones.

    I would second OiOi diaper bags. I was just thinking about it the other day that the OiOi hobo was came the closest to the perfect diaper bag for me.
    It's lightweignt. It has enough organization inside, 2 smaller pockets and one larger one plus a key fob and on the outside it has two slip pockets that fit sippy cups etc well. The one I had was wipeable on the inside and out and the strap is adjustable so you can wear it as a shoulder bag or messenger strap. It really just looks like a purse. :smile: And was the right size for me and all the baby stuff I was carrying around.
  6. Bill Amberg used to have some really stylish ones in low key leather styles. Otherwise, Cath Kidston has some great ones if you like her prints. My friends who have children younger than me also suggested you check out the great designs by 'Babes with Babies' that are available online. There is also a great Ozzie company called Anna & Sally but don't know how widely available they are.
  7. Suggestions for Nest, Storksak, and OiOi are all right on. Although I don't think the bag has to be an actual diaper bag. You could use an LV Batignolles Horizontal or a Gustto Setela just as easily. Marc By Marc Jacobs also makes a really cute leather baby bag, as well as some other styles that would work in the softest squishiest leather! :smile:
  8. I bought a diaper bag from Mimi maternity before I had my first baby. I actually ended up using bags that were not diaper bags at all. I personally never liked the look of the bags made for this purpose. Coach has many bags of the right size for carrying all you need. I got a tote from there and another from Ann Taylor and pretty much just use use those two. My advice is to find any big bag that you like and use it as a diaper bag. A good friend of mine got an awesome one from Dooney and Bourke that she uses all of the time, it just depends what you like.
  9. i just got a dior bag from the baby dior range .is so tdf.
    have a look at them
  10. ITA! I have several bags I use as diaper bags, only two of which are actually 'diaper bags.' If you're going to be bottle feeding, I'd say go with an actual baby bag since they're structured to deal with bottles/liquids. I have a kate spade aubrey baby bag that I love, plus it looks just like a purse. At $215 I thought it was a steal! :tup:
  11. Marc Jacobs did a diaper bag for his turnlock line.. It's very cute!!

  12. Are there any pics of this bag??? TIA...