Diaper bags for Curious George

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  1. Timi and Leslie have a line of ridiculously cute diaper bags created for the Curious George movie with Drew Barrymore and Will Ferrell (as the man in the yellow hat)[​IMG]

    they've also created Curious George clutches, cosmetic bags, train cases, and doctor's bags (because the man in the yellow hat carries, of course, a doctor's bag!) with Swarovski crystals for Leslie Newton's line
    sorry if the pictures are a little enormous!
  2. Cute ............
  3. I would have bought one of these when my son was small. He loved Monkey George, as he called him. Of course, my son is now almost 11 and has moved on in his book tastes!
  4. Cute!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I love Curious George. I have a tin Curious George lunchbox. I'd love to have one of the cosmetic bags for traveling.
  6. Sooooooo cute!
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