Diaper bags: Are Ju Ju Be's overrated?

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  1. I posted about this in the main forum but got no luck so I thought maybe it was better in the mama section since more people have experience with diaper bags over here. hehe!

    [​IMG]I was thinking of purchasing a JJB Be All but I'm not sure if I want to fork out the cash for this item. I dunno. They put a bit of a bad taste in my mouth because of the fact they make you pay extra for stroller clips. Don't most diaper bags come with these included?

    Just wondering if anyone has recommendations for similar bags they love? I want a mid to large size bag that I can attach to my stroller. It needs to be machine washable and I'd like insulated pockets.

    If anyone else LOVES JJB - would love to hear more. Also, if there are any deals out there for a Be All, please share! :graucho:

  2. I love the perky flowers in the JUJU be...I dont think all bags come with stroller clips..But I think this bag has been well thought out and I would vote to get one..They are 95 euros here how much are they in the States..?
  3. i know that stroller clips aren't always included. i just see many that are. i had a bad experience with one of their sales reps too so i'm a little put off. i still want one but i am just wondering if there are others people are crazy about. i know Skip Hop was one that was previously mentioned in a thread i posted a long time ago. just wondering what else is out there that would do the trick. they are about $118 US.
  4. I have the Be Spicy and I really like my bag. The Be Spicy came with stroller clips and I love the larger mom pocket. I did not like the Be All because it was too small, at least the mom section. If you use a regular size wallet, it will make the bag bulge a lot and a little hard to zip.

    I LOVE the fact that everything is machine washable. Esp with the diaper mat.

    If you really want stoller clips try these: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2792276 They may not be the prettiest things but they work great and will work with pretty much any bag you have in the future. Also great price point.

    Good luck with your decision.
  5. I just got the Skip Hop Versa and I quite like it...even though I don't normally do diaper bags becuase I find I pack the kitchen sink if I do. And it expands to 16" wide...although...I just wish it had one more mommy pocket and a wipes case (but I also have an SH Pronto so I just switch the case between the two)...It also has stroller clips! I got mine for $60 (they're normally $70, but I found a coupon).

    I like the customization aspect of JJBs, but hate boxy looking bags in general...and diaper bags that look like diaper bags...LOL
  6. Be Spicy sounds better for me then. I don't like small bags! The only reason I was leaning towards the Be All was because I wanted to hang it off my stroller. I have a strange shaped handle on my stroller. It's a Valco Ion. (shown here: http://www.strollermama.com/valco-ion-single.htm ) I think the strap might be long enough with the Be Spicy though. Love that the clips come as well! Now I gotta find a deal! :nuts:

    TY for the clips recco as well. Will bookmark that as an "in case."

  7. Checking out your link, I think it would work. If you check out the Be Spicy the metal part at the sides of the bag (where you would attach the crossbody strap) where you would strap it onto the stroller. The cross body strap which is actually quite comfortable.
  8. Nice, now I want a Be Spicy. :yes:
    Now to find a deal!!!
  9. Love JuJuBe! On their website they have a section called the Pink Room...there is a FSOT forum there with great deals, even on brand new stuff. :smile:
  10. I looove my Jujube. Too bad I use it less since ds is 2 now and I throw his things in my purse most of the time.
  11. Found this while searching for JJB threads. Any other Pink Ladies here?
  12. I love my JJB small accessories for bag organization. The Be Quick, Be Organized, Fuel Cell, Paci Pod, Be Ready all helped on our recent vacation to the beach. We also used the Super Be as her beach bag and it was great!
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  13. I don't have a Super Be, but I am really considering one. I love all the accessories, so useful!